KLM Readout for Belle II (@ Hawaii) project page

Belle II KLM members: 
Leo Piilonen, Y. Yusa (VPI)
Pasha Pakhlov, Mikhail Danilov (ITEP, Moscow)
Dmitri Liventsev, K. Sumisawa (KEK)
Will Jacobs, Brandon Kunkler, Gerard Visser, Anselm Vossen  (Indiana)
David Cinabro, Alfredo Gutierrez  (Wayne State)

Testing Motherboard for Target X readout

UH Local Members

Matt Andrew, Luca Macchiarulo, Isar Mostafanezhad
Xiaowen Shi, Chris Ketter, Bronson Edralin, Gary Varner

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KLM Production results (WIP):
Main KLM KPP Test results page

Chris's firmware documentation html


Brandon's KLM Status and Control Registers Map: .xlsx
Isar's KLM debug progress: KLM-Debug-Latest update-Google PDF
MPPC bias circuit: Simulations
HV Cabling- Gerard: PDF, email test

KLM/RHIC support  structure [eDrawings] [xls] [Installation Pictures] [Parts Drawings]
SciFi Tracker box [eDrawings] [xls] [SciFi Tracker Box Update.html]

Inventory System: Accessing from the www or from within the Physics network. Ask Bronson for a user/pass
Production Master Schedule- Notes: Production Master Schedule/Notes- Google Sheet
Production and testing procedure: KLM Production Procedure Document- Google Doc
DDL room layout for production: Production/Testing room layout- Google Slides
Old stuff: Inventory system search slides:  Inventory System Update-Google Slides

Production Testing:
ELOG Production Test Documentation - Bronson: [link]
Testing Overview (Slides)- Bronson: PDF
KLM Electronics Test Plan- Hawaii: google doc

KEK Integration:
Communications log:
Requested items/checklist for next integration:
Report on power issues on carrier cards. pdf document
Current wiring diagram for KLM sector at KEK: google doc PDF

Budget and Schedule:
KLM Budget reduction: google doc PDF
Production Schedule and notes: Excel document


SCROD A4 Dip switch combination for motherboard operation with local JTAG. Picture

IDL Ref #
Schematics Schematic [PADS]
Layout [PADS] Gerbers BOM DXF Board photos
IDL_14_032 DC_TX_Readout_RevB [PDF] [sch] [PDF] [pcb] [zip]

[top] [bottom] [CHANGELOG]
IDL_14_033 KLM_TX_9U_MB_RevB [PDF] [sch] [PDF] [pcb] [zip] [xls]
[top] [bottom] [CHANGELOG]
[PDF] [sch] [PDF] [pcb] [zip]

updated on 4/24/2014.
IDL_14_031 SCROD_RevA4_Interconnect [PDF] [sch] [PDF] [pcb] [zip]

IDL_14_026 SCROD_RevA4 [PDF] [sch] [PDF] [pcb] [zip]

[top] [bottom] [CHANGELOG]

Test and Calibration Database:
We need to be able to store the following items for each ASIC/DC/MB/RHIC card combination:

1) Pedestal values: each TX ASIC has 16 channels and 16kSa/ch
2) Gain: 1 per channel [mV/ADC count]-- measured using a signal gen                                   
3) Trigger threshold: 1 per channel [DAC value] -- Xiaowen has a measurement rig?
4) Temperature: Does sensor work? -- heating device
5) MPPC current gain [mV/uA]
6) Sampling timebase (nominal 1GSa/s), 64 dT values/ASIC, SSTout FB and Vrimp value-- use a 40-80 MHz signal generator

KLM production testing: Upon arrival these items will be tested together
1) TARGETX chip+Daughter-card (DC)
2) 9UMB motherboard
3) RHIC board

Readout MB/RHIC Mechanical Support:  [EASM]   [pdf]

KLM Schedule [google doc]

iTOP SciFi Tracker Schedule [google doc]

KLM Readout Integration Plan -- Brandon (May 1, 2014) [.docx] [.pdf]

KLM Priorities (Mar. 31, 2014)

New transformer variant amplifier test card (Sept. 18, 2013 --)  [jpg]

Motherboard/cabling card space/dimensions (Aug 13, 2013 -- Xiaowen)  [PDF]

Space for Scint-based racks/crates readout (Aug-2013 -- Sumisawa-san/Ushiroda-san)  [PDF]

Noise measurements from eKLM first module tests (MAY-2013 -- Roman Mizuk)  [PDF]

Belle B-field leakage map [pdf]

KLM Boards Space Diagram -- 13-AUG-2013    [pdf]

KLM Preamp Carrier Noise Debugging -- 28-MAR-2013  [odt]  [pdf]

KLM Crate Configuration -- 25-JAN-2013  [ppt]  [pdf]

Feb 7, 2013 - Power estimation for 9U KLM Readout Motherboard [pdf]   [xls]     (Xiaowen)

Feb 4, 2013 - Annotated diagram   of COPPER crates from Schroff to be purchased  (Sumisawa-san)

Jan 31 2013 - Plot   of pre-amp test station #2 functional confirmation (Brian)

Jan 25 2013 - COPPER VME pin definitions   (Xiaowen)     and concept drawings for new MB and TARGET6 DC

Jan 22 2013 - Link  to archival KLM photos (Yusa-san)

Jan 27 2013 - Schedule toward fully-populated TARGET6-based MB:  [xls]   [pdf]

Dec 18 2012 - Comments  from Dmitri on existing crates/space

Dec 14 2012 - Reminder from Leo on existing Crate/cabling Documentation    [Abe-san]   [Nakano-san]

Dec 10 2012 - Preamplifier Test Setup Documentation Link

Dec 7,  2012 - Note on choice of barrel (scint) ribbon cables

Message from Nakao-san about timing/JTAG crates around the detector (3-DEC-2012)  [link]

Nov 26 2012 - Preamplifier Test Setup Update

Preamplifier Test Meeting (02-Nov-2012 , 8am HST, 11am PST, 2pm EST)

Dial-in information: (866) 740-1260 (toll free USA,Canada), access code: 8147808 (followed by "#")

  1. Preamplifier order status and schedule

  2. Preamplifier test setup development (Brian, Xiaowen) Link

  1. Hawaii onsite visit discussion

  2. General institutional reports

Updated Documentation (24-NOV-2012)

High Voltage Power Supply (Caen) datasheets:

SciFi and KLM Development Schedule  [PDF]
TARGET4 test firmware (from Xiaowen as of 23-AUG-2012):  [link]
Neutron testing @ Indiana CEEM Neutron Radiation Effects Facility (summary from Will)  [PDF]

9U Motherboard Design Page  [link]
Amplifier Assy documentation  [overview]

Radiation test capabilities (PNNL)  [txt]

Schedule update:  testbed by Dec. 2012, pre-amps for barrel (~3300) by end of Jan. 2013[to VT];  16700 to KEK

Overview document (CDR Review draft):  [pdf]
Documentation from Abe-san (hand-sketches) of KLM cabling/crates:  [PDF]

Grounding summary  and basis for further discussion

Neutron fluence estimates and MPPC lifetime justification  (19-JAN-2012  == Dmitri)  [txt] 

Rad testing at ITEP summary  (13-DEC-2011  == Dmitri)  [txt]  and summary figures  [Ch.12 before]  [sample results]
Revised barrel KLM channel counts (4-DEC-2011  == Leo)  [txt]

KLM crate locations and stray flux estimates map and explanatory text (Leo)
Thoughts on trigger options  (Leo)  [txt]
Barrel KLM module clarification for Layer 0,1 (Leo)  [txt]
Barrel KLM layer 0,1 [scint.] configuration (Leo)  [txt]
Posted slides (18-JUN-2011) on next stage of development in Hawaii   [PDF]
Suggested higher density connectors  3M variant

Completed Motherboard/daughtercards prior to packing for shipping to KEK   [JPG]

A pre-assembly overview of the motherboard/daughtercards  [PDF]
Images of the key component cards (TARGET_ASIC + DACmon)   [jpg]

A reminder, the overall system consists of the following set of readout/test boards:    [PDF]

Table 1:  Status of eKLM first quadrant readout deliverables

ID Lab Designator

Board Description


# needed

# made



Schematic PDF


Layout PDF








1 to KEK Jan 2011









10 to KEK Jan 2011









149 to KEK Jan 2011









needs testing




[top]  [bottom]









batch 2




not needed intially















not needed intially

























firmware/software needed






In fabrication






[top]  [bottom]

  1. Production amplifier & carrier assemblies (to bring to KEK Jan 21st -- Gary)   [PDF]

  2. SCROD  revision A (SCROD_RevA)  [IDL_10_007]  schematics  [PDF] 

    1. and link to ID Lab SCROD development blog  [link]

  3. TARGET ASIC card  revision A (DC_TARGET_RevA)  [IDL_10_005]  schematics  [PDF] 

    1. and  layout artwork  [ZIP]

  4. Reference spreadsheet for interface between the SCROD (DAQ interface) and TARGET ASIC Daughtercards  [link]

  5. 15-channel Carrier card  revision C (BS_eKLM_carrier_RevC)  [IDL_10_032]  mechanical drawing  [PDF]

  6. Overview of eKLM readout/test boards  [PDF]

Evaluation cards:

  1. MPPC amp Test Card (BS_eKLM_MPPC_RevA) [IDL_10_010]  PADS files  [schematic]   [layout]  and schematic  [PDF]

  2. 15-channel amplifier Test Card (BS_eKLM_test_RevA)  [IDL_10_002]  PADS files  [schematic]   [layout] 

  3. Preamp card   [PDF]

Dated documentation

Next batch of 50 amps tested (18-DEC-2010):    [PDF]

15-channel Carrier card  revision B (BS_eKLM_carrier_RevB)  [IDL_10_003]  mechanical drawing  [PDF]

Summary slides for B2GM:  [PPT]   [PDF]

Photographs of the first 2x amp channels and carrier card  [PDF]
Scope photograph of amplifier test results, confirming good performance  [PDF]

17-SEP-2010 Intro Meeting for Indiana Univ group  (9am HST, 3pm EDT)

Minutes from the meeting  [txt]

Dial-in information:  (866) 740-1260  (toll free USA, Canada)

                               0800 94 2408   (Toll free Int'l [France])

        Access code:  8147808  (followed by "#")

Link to overview slides  [PDF]

15-SEP-2010 -- Updated documentation, preliminary test results

Some action items for 2nd revision of 15x channel carrier board:

  1. Rationalize the enumeration of amplifier input channels

  2. Match signal pairs on output

  3. Modify mounting hole scheme (small holes for a retaining bracket?)

Preliminary test results:   [PDF]

Latest schematics:

  1. Preamp card   [PDF]

  2. Carrier board (for 15x preamps)   [PDF]

  3. Readout (TARGET) module (160 channel)   [PDF]

Link to mechanical space available for amplifier cards (June 2010 IDM)   [PDF]

Item's raised in Pasha's e-mail of  July 12th, 2010:

  1. BRF93A is a good transistor and should be radiation hard enough.  Lifetime? 

    1. we aren't sure how to check apart from doing accelerated testing

  2. Is the powering scheme safe in the event of a Belle solenoid quench?  Is the induced voltage on the preamp power supplies negligible?  Should we not add limiter diodes?

    1. It isn't clear how much flux would be captured in the cables, so it is difficult to estimate.  However the voltage regulator should be able to withstand a 30V spike, so we think it should be safe -- it is better and more effective than a limiter diode in this case.

  3. We discussed adding a fuse to each channel

    1. This has been done (please see revised schematics below)

  4. Do you plan to have the common ground on the daughtercard ore each of the three grounds are just termination of DC twisted pair cables?

    1. We plan to make the 15-channel amp card have the common ground, as both the bias adjust and output connectors + power terminate there.

  5. Is it possible to have SiPM-coupled twisted pair cable directly on the daughter card (soldered via a two-pin connector) ?

    1. Yes, it is possible -- we forgot to put it actually on the daughtercard in schematics below -- will do so.

  6. Do we understand correctly that SiPM power supply (70V) and preamp card supply (3.8V) are provided by the readout board (from the external source) and are independent for each 15-channel board?

    1. Yes, this is our plan.  We will directly bring in the 70V line on a pair of the ribbon cable.  We will bring in - 5-6V for power and regulate on the 15-channel board down to the -3.8V needed locally, so that we can bypass it well and make ourselves immune to voltage drops in the cable.  This scheme allows for very good isolation (fault isolation) of each of the 15-channel cards.

Dmitri's follow-up of 13-JUL:  mechanically, the proposed boards fit.  Also, we can use a rigid board for the 15-channel card (if make narrower)

Dmitri's request of 29-JUL: add a thermometer on every board (15-channel?)

  1. A voltage output temperature sensor will be added to each 15-channel board.  On the TARGET readout module, there will be an array of analog multiplexers and an ADC (same chain as will be used for measuring the SiPM current draw).

9-JUL-2010 -- Cartoon schematics

Updated schematics:

Preamp card  [fig]  [PDF]

Flex Pre-amp carrier card  [fig]  [PDF] 

Front-end (TARGET) readout module  [tbu]

7-JUL-2010 -- KLM group meeting during B2GM

Cost estimate basis  [xls]   [PDF]

Summary notes/action items from summary e-mail (Gary) [txt]

Working list of action items:

  1. Confirm pre-amp card/specifications (Pasha)

  2. Budget/purchasing information (Sumisawa-san)

  3. Budget proposal for complete task (Gary)

  4. Complete pre-amp card layout/initial prototype (Louie)

  5. 2x 15-channel amp card fab (TBD)

  6. Production (10x 15-channel amp card fab) [TBD]

  7. KLM Front-end (TARGET) readout board layout (Louie)

  8. KLM Front-end (TARGET) readout board fab [TBD]

  9. Firmware checkout & test [TBD]

21-JUN-2010 -- Design reference

Schematics for the KLM readout board (21-JUN-2010) [PDF]

Schematics for the pre-amp board (21-JUN-2010 version) [PDF]


Reference Material



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