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Overview of development as of August 2014  [pdf]

Gearing up for next round of experiments, development snapshot as of July 2013 ARI Conference  [pdf]

Nominal experimental plan

Experiment #
Target Date
end August
Fermionics (8 elements)
STURM2 (1)
Initial running/background studies
Mid Sept
Fermionics (64 elements)
STURM2 (64)
Full detector performance
early Sept?
Scint Fiber (150 elements)
Beam profile/intensity profile
late Sept
Fermionics (8 elements) IRS3B
Bunch modulation of x-rays
mid Oct.
Fermionics (64 elements) IRS3C
Full Macropulse Readout
late Oct
Prototype 3D detector (8 elements?)
Studies of spatial resolution/stopping power

Experiment 6  (12-SEP-2012):

Experiment 6  Summary

Experiment 6 is a test of the Fermionics detector with FEL IR laser & PSEC-4

Preparations for Experiment 5  (25-JUN-2012):
Experiment 5 is a test of SL-10 MPPC with PSEC-4 ASIC readout

Beam loss monitor electronics  (2-DEC-2011):
BEASTly thoughts:  [pdf]

Overview of previous RadFET reader:  [pdf]

MkV BPM readout electronics review  (7-OCT-2011):

Overview Presentation:  [pdf]

Summer 2011 information  (15-MAY-2011):

Overall objectives:  [link]

Specific laser operations objectives:  [link]

ARI Conference talks related materials  (13-APR-2011):

ARI talk on Detector and DAQ:   [ppt]   [pptx]

Trivially updated Quad Chart:   [ppt]   [pptx]

Estimate page for back-scatter x-ray rate  [link]

FEL Science Meetings page  [link]

Link to MkV Schedule page  [link]

Updated flux estimates (for InGaAs) [26-MAR-2011]:

Executive summary: thicker W wire boosts about factor of 33...   [PDF]   and thinner Al window definitely helps  [PDF]

Executive summary: even better -- going to a Be window!  [PDF]

Executive summary, He-filled beampipe helps somewhat...   [PDF]

Future Experiment Planning:  Rest of Autumn  [svg fig reference plot]

Overview of the Exp 5  readout system   [PDF]
Reference graphing program:  Inkscape download  [Windoze link]    [linux/mac]

Next items to be commissioned:
  1. IRS/BLAB3 readout via (slow) copper link
  2. ROE2 (fiber optic) readout
  3. cPCI data logging
  4. Implement long-term radiation production/loss monitoring
  5. Test of 3D detector
  6. Test of ATF2 readout module prior to commissioning
  7. STURM2 based readout
  8. MCP-PMT test
  9. Silicon samples from SNF

Experiment 3 scheduled:  Oct. 20-21, 2010

  1. Commission permanent monitoring diagnostics:
    1. HPK PMT with scintillator (off axis) + amplifier for background monitoring
    2. Commission scintillator + PIN diode + amplifier for beam intensity monitoring (x20dB, x40dB select?)
    3. Full train readout ASIC (IRS_eval?)
    4. Establish monitoring procedures for the long term (integrated radiation, loss, etc)
  2. Initial test of Fermionics (few channels?) with 60dB gain

Beam request:  all background monitoring can be done parasitic with other machine operations.  2x dedicated 5 minute bremsstrahlung target in runs

Experiment 2:  Sep 16, 2010    [page link]

TARGET_eval based DAQ, PMT+scintillator (background measurement), MPPC readout, PIN diode monitor

Matt's slides from the xFEL Science Meeting held in the IDL  [1-OCT-2010]   [link]

Experiment 1 (first beam run):  Sep 10, 2010

Summary slides (some work still needed)  [pptx]  [PDF]

Bottom line -- was very successful.

Link to materials page  [link]

Data taken from the initial scintillator + PMT run (with Radioactive sources)   [PDF]

Gain estimate Spreadsheet  [xls]

Photos from the initial commissioning installation:   week July 18-23, 2010

Board stack figure
Photograph of the board stack, mounted on frame, inside the experimental cavity.

cabling inside
      readout box
Cabling inside the readout box, with ROE board and left and cable terminations.

Finished (closed)
      experimental housing
Completed instrument housing with cover on and cables routed in conduits.

4-MAY-2010 Meeting:   11am Tuesday in ID Lab

  1. Status of boards (overall diagram to be added) [Jim]
  2. Experimental "hutch" mechanics [Jim]
  3. Update on data processing [Juaquin]
  4. Completing documents (still in my court) [Gary]
  5. Safety review preparations (summary) [Gary]

Recent items:

  1. Poster [ppt] at ARI meeting this week [Gary]
  2. update on BaF2 & Target mechanics [9-FEB-2010]
  3. xFEL detector mechanics input [5-FEB-2010]
  4. xFEL flux simulation update [5-FEB-2010]
  5. DHS presentation readout/DAQ
  6. xFEL readout/DAQ review [8-JAN-2010]
  7. Proposed Spring 2010 FEL running schedule
  8. Detector document [draft]
  9. ASIC document [draft]
  10. Cabling of DAQ [ppt] [Jim]

Purchasing and nomenclature:

  1. FEL Req Form [template]
  2. Task code information

xFEL -- detailed information

  1. Beamline simulations [Gary]
  2. Laser pulse test of MPPCs [Gary]
  3. 4 technical reports on Detector, ASIC, DAQ [all]
    1. Draft ASIC description document  [PDF]
    2. Draft custom x-ray sensor  [PDF]
    3. Draft year 1 readout system  [PDF]
    4. Draft fast DAQ system  [PDF]
  4. Original proposal documentation  [PDF]

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