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Scheduling Committee Members

Juaquin Anderson, Matt Andrew, Kurtis Nishimura, Louis Ridley, Gary Varner

Lab members: listing (to be revised)

Current [Google Calendar]

Regular meeting times:  brief purchasing/immediate action items Monday at 1:00pm
Main personnel meeting at 1:30pm Friday in the ID Lab.


Purchasing/immediate (this week) items:
  1. Wordpress page(s) for ID Lab Personnel meeting [almost everyone has an account --> remind for Friday?]
  2. Parts orders
    1. Large RAM (>=32GByte! PC order [to be located on Larry's old desk -- for all with intensive PC work to use]
    2. KLM amp finish assy/testing?  (order parts for ~50 channels or 150?)
    3. chairs pick-up [when have car]
    4. shelves order
    5. Engraver/metal ID property tags/RFID?
    6. Quartus/TerASIC Altera firmware/programmer
  3. Group photograph  (yeah!  finally)  --> posted above
  4. Document (project item) database
    1. Numbering scheme (project names ambiguous -- time dependent) -- & database for logging such
    2. Drawings annotations -- suggestion to include graphical supporting information on schematics
  5. Follow-up with KLM guys (Sumisawa-san e-mail)
    1. PO to UH
    2. Test articles in test assy
    3. Parts procurement?  

Scheduling items:
  1. LAPPD: 
    1. CHAMP ASIC eval board -- definitive schematics by Wednesday, 11am meeting
    2. single p.e. amp update (by same time)
  2. xFEL:  First run (10 Sept) successful.   Preparations for next xFEL run this week [Sept 16-17]
    1. MPPC testing with basic TARGET_eval/PC logging
    2. PIN diode (continual) monitoring
    3. EMI housing during 2 week break while Prof. Madey away
  3. Updated Gantt Chart with actual personnel loading
  4. LARC feedback on fine-line printing?  [LARC "spruce goose" debug]
  5. ASIC Queue
    1. BLAB3A submitted!!   [240x chips in fab]
    2. TARGET2 design/layout [20-SEP-2010 submission?]
    3. IRS2 (needs feedback from Taiwanese full testing results?)
    4. SSL CSA [Nov?]
  6. KLM Readout
    1. KLM amp testing
    2. Ship 1x 15-chan board to ITEP (have Tom bring to BAM/BAS)
    3. KLM TARGET readout board (& assy of amps)
  7. ATF2 readout
    1. STURM2 eval & packaging
    2. Decide to use new module design
  8. Continued iTOP readout development
    1. What needed on BLAB3 state machine still?
    2. Any progress on DAC readout

Regular Group Meetings


Wednesday Thursday Friday

Ongoing Projects (without specific meeting times)

Personnel meeting reference pages  

Personnel updates:
  1. Juaquin
  2. Serge
  3. Matt
  4. Kurtis (excused until after Thesis completed)
  5. Louie
  6. Gary


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