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SLAC:  David Aston, Kurtis Nishimura, Jerry Va'vra
UH:  Matt Andrew, Xiaowen Shi, Gary Varner

Next meeting awaiting update from Kurtis on new firmware release results.  (13-JAN-2013)

Call-in:  (866) 740-1260   ID:  8147808

11-DEC-2012 Meeting (11:30am HST, 1:30pm PST)  [30 minutes later than originally planned]:

  1. Long-term SLAC plan
  2. Long-term Hawaii commitment
  3. Why do we only have 40% of events with IRS2 data and what shall we do about it?
  4. Issues with 90 degree reconstruction?
  5. When will have complete system, with all IRS-2 packages?
  6. French activities on fDIRC?
  7. iTOP test(s) at SLAC ?
  8. AOB?

Further documentation (updated 16-OCT-2012):

Information about the SLAC amplifier and how to get more
Scanning set-up photograph   [JPG]

Photographs of the board stack  [1]  and  [2]

BLAB3 readout module envelope constraint:  [PDF]

  1. fDIRC detector enclosure  [pdf]
  2. fDIRC cooling hoses & cable entry  [pdf]
  3. fDIRC detector holder:  [version c]
  4. fDIRC detector frame drawing to affirm:  [version c]   [version d]
  5. potential placement of parts on H8500 front board
  6. picture showing constraint on "BLAB3" board stack frontal region
  1. Photograph of g-10 capture bar configuration  [jpg]
  2. Reminder figure -- g-10 support bar mechanics  [png]
  3. Diagrams from Matt A showing the board-stack sizes  [png]   [svg]
  4. Link to slides on speaking between Altera and Xilinx over Gbps fiber links  [PDF]
  5. Design link for H8500 "front" board  [link]
  6. Earlier version of the fDIRC detector frame:  [PDF]
Information from Taiwan colleagues on Altera to Aurora connection:
  1. Overview diagram  [jpg]
  2. rar archive of the V6aurora  [rar]

11-OCT-2011 Meeting (2pm HST, 5pm PDT):

Preparations for scanning set-up deployment visit.

Updated documentation below.
  1. More detailed scheduling plans (Kurtis/Jerry)
  2. Coordination with Fabio's visit (all)
  3. H8500 interface board [documentation posted below] (David/Matt)
  4. Progress toward NIM paper (Jerry)
  5. Specific questions list  [txt]
  6. AOB?

27-AUG-2011 Update:

Touching base -- behind schedule on getting next board stack together.  Schedule first modules delivery once get back from iTOP cosmic ray test.

Drawings sent:  [version a]   [version b]
  1. When to visit SLAC for laser scan set-up?
  2. Production/delivery schedule

17-JUN-2011 Meeting Action Items:

  1. There are 2 classes of H8500 tubes:  1kV --> 1.1x10^6 gain, 1.1kV --> 2-3x10^6.
  2. According to the HPK data sheet, the divider current is about 173uA at 1.1kV.  (so Jerry thinking to gang 3x together from Bertan HV supply)
  3. Jerry will request quote for additional H8500
    • Gary will forward this quote, to try and get PNNL to cover
  4. Send H8500 tube in Hawaii back to Jerry
  5. In return, Jerry will send one of the new, tested H8500 for integration tests in Hawaii
  6. First priority will be to get scanning system module readout working first, which entails
    • Designing and fab appropriate Front card
    • Additional cards (SCROD, interconnect, L1-L4, BLAB3A ASIC) dedicated to fDIRC
    • Qualify performance with H8500 tube
  7. fDIRC fBlock to SLAC by July, assy in August
  8. Final module mechanics to be sent to SLAC when available
  9. Items to resolve for deploying full complement of BLAB3A board stacks in CRT:
    • Power supply for SCROD modules
    • Brackets and cabling mechanics


Here are a number of links [main directory] to papers relevant to f-DIRC:

[SLAC-PUB-12236] [SLAC-PUB-13464] [SLAC-PUB-13763] [SLAC-PUB-14282]

[FDIRC_protoI] [FDIRC_protoII]


Drawings from Jerry:
Discussion points/questions from Jerry:


Image plane concept drawing from Jerry, with BLAB3 module superimposed:  [PDF]

Clarification on module width: the boards are 100mm in the direction shown,
and the width will be determined by the thickness of the aluminum side plates
(which also serves as a heatsink) and the depth of the slots. However, the
clear boundary condition is to meet the H8500 [PDF] 104mm + spacer (1-2mm?) between tubes?

Of course for this first configuration, could be wider, though it would be better
to keep the footprint small enough that it can continued to be used later, when a
full matrix is packed together.


Gary will be in transit and cannot make meeting.  Kurtis will post an agenda/slides?

Summary figure from discussion last week: [PDF]


  1. Summary of number hits in new data?
  2. Processing status?


There will be a meeting to discuss options for a new PMT/readout holder on image plane.

Meeting link: [link]

Reference (Motherboard) figures [fig1] [fig2] [fig3]


A view to the future:  

New quartz block ready to be turned into fDIRC expansion block.


Dial-in information:  (866) 740-1260  (toll free USA)

Access code: 8147808 (followed by "#")

Note added (22-DEC-2010): expect fDIRC quartz block to start machining in mid-Jan,
with 4 months machining + polishing estimate. First run possibly from mid-May, 2011.

Post Cal-tech, pre-Christmas meeting:

  1. CRT analysis update (Jerry)  [PDF]
  2. Comparison plots (Jerry)   [PDF]   and comments  [txt]
  3. Discussion on plans for BLAB2 (with new firmware) analysis (lead by Kurtis)
  4. Discussion of CRT BLAB3A commissioning strategy (all)
  5. Schedule and discussion of plans for laser scan set-up (lead by Jerry)


Information on the fiber readout system:
  1. Schematic for an example board  [posted here] are available as well)
  2. Here is an interesting study of using Aurora to communicate between Xilinx and Altera  [PDF]
  3. An update on the next generation Hawaii board stack  [PDF]
  4. Various BOMs:  DSP_cPCI BOM [xls]  and   mTC variant  [xls]
  5. Baseline fiber components:  Avago part # AFBR-57R5AEZ


Tentative agenda:
  1. Plans/scheduling [Update on BLAB3-based readout] (all)
    1. Constraints from Jerry 

    2. H8500_footprint
  2. 24-tube array readout plane:
    1. Possible array figure  [PDF]
  3. Updates from Europe? (Jerry)
  4. Current plans for deployment? (all)
  5. AOB (?)

Reference documents

  1. Larry's Masters' Thesis (local copy)
  2. Cosmic Ray Test stand (CRT) published reference [SLAC-PUB-13873]
  3. Reports on progress
    1. Larry Exp 2 update [Aug 2009]

  4. TIPP 2009 fDIRC paper
  5. Design reference files?


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