Lightspin Array Readout Chip (LARC) Project

LARC ASIC overview

Design Reference Page

Documentation here now archival (13-JAN-2013) -- likely to be moved

Programming File Creation [last updated 17-MAY-2011]:

Both generated *.bit and *.MCS are in the ZIP archives below:

RevBv08  [ZIP]

RevBv07A  [ZIP]      RevBv07B  [ZIP]

RevBv05  [ZIP]

RevBv04A  [ZIP]

RevBv04B  [ZIP]

Meeting on status [28-FEB-2011]:

(808) 956-2920

Summary of testing results  [txt]

News:  LARC readout resurrected 24-SEP-2010.

LARC_USB board to be shipped to:

Jim Hyland
32 Elm Street, Basement Left (BL)
New Haven, CT, 06510

Phone: 203-773-1883

Updated Project documentation:
  1. Board hardware:
    1. Schematics for LARC_USB (Rev. B)  [PDF]
    2. Top copper pins and top silkscreen  [PDF]
    3. Schematics of the SMA test card  [PDF]
    1. Schematics  [PDF]
    2. Bonding diagram  [PDF]
  3. LARC_USB firmware (revBv02)  [.zip]
  4. LARC_USB readout link on Andrew Wong's webpage  [link]
    1. Notes on installation  [link]
    2. Special EZ-USB driver  [ezubs.sys]

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