29-MAR-2010 News list

Today's List:

  1. Project Milestones
    1. CREAM TEA (new web page, Ryan visit April 14-17)
    2. LARC (Eric finally has detectors -- requote, layout, possible sensors)
    3. TimeCube (NGA meeting @ UH next week)
    4. ARA (Bob/Peter are going to want to have regular meetings -- new PostDoc) [get AMBER out door]
  2. Belle II General meeting -- this week Mar 29 - Apr 2
  3. As usual, much going on this week in local meetings...  (e.g. Belle II bPID TDR, xFEL PDRs...)
  4. piLas commissioning [Marc] -- scanning software together?
  5. Magnet loading/survey
  6. Upcoming big push: xFEL system running, commission [documents to review]

  7. Equipment status
    1. 2nd signal gen?
    2. 2nd new scope?

Deferred actions:

  1. What else to make lab better?

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