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10-OCT-2015 -- Summary of iTOP's scripts which test IRSX. Editing to test IRS3D. (Bronson Edralin)   [link]

11-JUL-2014 -- Calibration and data processing experience for Belle II iTOP (Brian Kirby)   [link]

10-JUL-2014 -- Detailed illustration/expectations & Follow-up on specific Data Quality Monitoring plans for 2nd NIST Campaign    [pdf]

8-JUL-2014 -- Data Quality Monitoring plans for 2nd NIST Campaign (software, operations and calibration)   [pdf]

Understanding IRS3B/Boardstack and mTC Operation/Calibration [Day 3] (software, calibration & advanted topics)   [pdf]

1-JUL-2014 -- Understanding IRS3B/Boardstack and mTC Operation/Calibration [Day 2] (boardstack & firmware)   [pdf]
30-JUN-2014 -- Understanding IRS3B/Boardstack and mTC Operation/Calibration [Day 1]  (ASIC)   [pdf]

22-JUN-2014 -- A modest upgrade proposal (to IRS3D, new CAJIPCI, micro-TCA)  [pdf]

13-JAN-2013 -- IRS3B ASIC readout basis, with updated SCROD Rev. A-2 board-stack and Carrier02, Carrier13 ASIC boards

12-DEC-2010 BLAB3A Updates:
  1. ASICs received 27-NOV-2010
  2. Initial results look promising, apart from board noise; need to fabricate an ASIC board with proper analog/digital ground isolation due to high gain of amplifier
  3. Initial RF sine wave scans look promising (scatter large, eval board largely unsuitable at higher frequency):  [excel]   [PDF plot]
  4. Preliminary gain estimate is 4.2k-Ohm TIA

10-NOV-2010 Meeting Items:
  1. Dummy board stack  (detailed [jpg] above)
  2. Updates on cPCI and Weiner crate commissioning (both are here).
  3. Updates on FEE and DAQ electronics
    1. BLAB3A due to ship  [ETA 03-DEC-2010 @ MOSIS -- still need packaging]
    2. Key boards to evaluate  (overview diagram   [PDF]):
      1. SCROD Rev A
      2. BLAB3A daughtercard
      3. BLAB3A carrier card
    3. mTC readout variant 
  4. Updates on purchasing before deadline (information from Jan):
    1. ANL extended deadline from Dec. 31, 2010 --> May 31, 2011
    2. All orders MUST be received and paid for by May 31st or the money goes away
  5. Discussion on Plans and schedule
    1. Planacons arriving soon -- test with existing BLAB readout?
    2. Other options?
    3. Firmware jock to help?
  6. AOB?
Let's try to prevent a last minute pileup on Jan wrt PO requisitions.
13-OCT-2010 Meeting Items:
  1. Follow-up on previous action items:
  2. Planicon mechanical (in)tolerance
    1. original message  [txt]
    2. Overview slide  [jpg]
    3. 2nd slide (joint SL-10)  [jpg]
  3. Board stack progress  [all]
    1. Official v08h_aa_84197_bonding diagram  [PDF]
    2. BLAB3A packaging bonding diagram  [PDF]
    3. mTC readout variant overview diagram   [PDF]
  4. Plans and schedule
29-SEP-2010 Action Items:
  1. Please ask John Madey about his neutron detector, etc.
  2. Please figure out who at NGA Jan can talk to about our 2011 funding award,
    which is supposed to be channeled through UARC, so we can be sure that
    personnel can be included in next year's budget.
  1. Please write/post an add for a firmware jock [job description created]
  2. Please start submitting PO requisitions to Jan for MTC electronics as per
    today's budget for known items. 

  1. Will integrate new iTOP read-out into the mTC configuration, and input any
    changes that the IDL team needs to make on FRONT and FIBER boards.
  2.  Will get started on new Burle PO for four additional Planacons.

29-SEP-2010 Meeting Agenda:
  1. Review action items from last time??  [all]
  2. Review electronics fab costs [follow-up of item 3/4/6 from action items]
  3. Technical discussion on board layout/fiber transceiver/backend configuration [item 2]
8-SEP-2010 Action Items:
  1. Organize next meeting with Jan/Tom when Jan is back  [John]
    1. to try to hire Firmware jock [we can do ASAP if do as casual -- still need to advertise]
  2. Review and optimize the modified front board design in addition to including a cable path for HV divider [Marc/Louie/Gary]
  3. Review fab costs of making the new boards  [Marc]
  4. Update budget when we have the new MOSIS quote + board costs  [Marc]
    1. This should happen before we meet w/Jan and discuss funds for new person.
    2. Work on a job description [Matt/Gary]
  5. Discussion and update of the back-end/DAQ electronics  [all]
  6. Details of spending profile of all current funds by 12-20-2010  [Marc/all]

8-SEP-2010 Meeting Summary (3pm in the ID Lab):
  1. Formatting of "front end" module needed to accomodate the power leads from Burle MCP
  2. Changes for BLAB3 --> BLAB3A summarized
  3. Discussion of BLAB3A cost/quantity.  Decided to increase purchase 120 --> 240


24-JUN-2010 Proposed Agenda (10:30am in the ID Lab):
1) Brief discussion of our budget status/purchasing (John/Marc)

2) Update on BLAB3 (Kurtis/Gary)

3) Power supply interface (Serge)

4) Power budget, UPS and power conditioning (Marc)

5) Calibration items??

6) AOB?

22-APR-2010 Agenda (10:30am in the ID Lab):
1) Let us look over a sketched electronics diagram, such as Gary/Larry
presented at the [NGA meeting] and see where it needs fleshing out.

2) Discussion of power supplies

3) Ditto calibration devices

4) Mechanical design status for plastic scintillator cube. (Marc) [slides]

5) Short discussion of packaging issues... transport, connectors and cases
(one for detector, one for electronics).

6)  People: who and when

7) Sketching out of a timeline

8) Job description for additional help [all]

Need a detailed block diagram...:
  1. List of action items [text]
  2. ASIC of reference: IRS (BLAB3?) design [homepage]
  3. Hamamatsu reference (incl. HV) [PDF]

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