29-MAR-2010 Action items list

Prioritized List:

  1. Matt & Juaquin Task list pages (send links -- can update) [Juaquin/Matt]
  2. PCB archive (not infinite priority, but want in queue) [Matt/Kurtis]
  3. Design review of next batch of xFEL readout cards [Jim/Larry]
  4. PMT Interface card for CREAMTEA [Jim] -- started
  5. Debug TARGET main boards (guide students) [Jim]
  6. IRS/BLAB3 testing [Larry/Gary] -- How can Gary help?
  7. Post FEL cabling PPT [Jim link, Gary post] -- done!
  8. Bring back Photonis MCP readout modules from KEK [Gary]
  9. xFEL Front-end detector/readout layout [Jim] -- next step design review
  10. Rad safety meeting (week after week after spring break?)

Deferred actions:

  1. Space/layout of back room
  2. KLM analog signal description for KLM_FPGA_TDC [Gary] -- when find time

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