Outstanding Physics Teaching Assistants

The T.A. Teaching prize is awarded to outstanding Teaching Assistants. The award is given to a T.A. who has not only demonstrated superb teaching skills, but has also contributed to the operation of the lab or the recitations. For instance, special weight is given to those who serve as Head T.A.s, work on improving experiments, or contribute to the development of new experiments or new teaching materials. 

Fall 2016 TA Award Recipients: Christopher Light, Scott Gimbal and Jeffrey Schueler. All three have served as Head T.A.s and have been crucial to the success of the new Physics 170 recitations.

Prof. von Doetinchem and Prof. Lam congratulate the TA Teaching Awardees.

YearSpring SemesterFall Semester
2016Christopher Light
Scott Gimbal
Jeffrey Schueler
2013Viacheslav Li
2009Shidong Kan
Ian Howe
2008Assaf AzouriNoah Myers
2007Assaf Azouri
2006Assaf Azouri
2004Matthew AndrewMichael Hadmack
2003Andrew BoxAndrew Box
2001Herve CollinJennifer McFatridge
2000Sigrid Kuempel GreeneEdgar Lobachevskly
1999Troy HixBjorn Marsen
1998Sigrid KuempelKeith Hamasaki
1997Lyndon SegalesEric Dodson
1996John AkutagawaBrendan Casey
1995Derrick KongPaul Mountcastle