Recent Dissertations

M. S. Degree

Last NameFirst NameDissertation TitleYear
KemalSaadiaRelaxation and doppler effects of molecular iodine2008
OngDucLeptonic and hadronic branching fractions for J/psi via psi(2S) -> pi+pi-J/psi2007
KowalskiRichard JeffreyObservation of the Askaryan effect in ice with the ANITA experiment2007
GrachPeter D.Physical properties of liquid scintillators2006

Ph. D. Degree

Last NameFirst NameDissertation TitleYear
KadalaRogerTopics in Supersymmetry Phenomenology at the Large Hadron Collider2011
BiswasSandipApplication of perturbative quantum chromodynamics to processes with heavy quarks2010
NishimuraKurtis A.First observation of the inclusive decay B going to Xseta with the Belle dectector2010
SahooHimansu B.Measurements of time-dependent CP violation in B meson decays to psi(2s) neutral kaon and phi neutral kaon gamma2010
PerkinsJeffrey J.Quantum optics and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy: A dissertation in two parts2010
JacobsonBryce T.Design, Commissioning, and Operation of MkV Electron Beam Diagnostic ChicaneSpring 2011
KanShidongFree electron laser mode dynamics2010
ToyodaYoshimasaTerahertz spectroscopy and laser induced infrared emission spectroscopy of nitromethane and optical properties of laser induced carriers on semiconductor surfaces probed by a 10.6Mum wavelength CO2 laserSummer 2008
BoxAndrew D.Renormalisation group analysis of supersymmetric particle interactions2008
LobachevskiyEdgarMagnetostatics, Particle Trajectories and the Electrodynamics in Realization of Hybrid Undulators for High Performance FELs and Synchrotron Radiation SourcesSpring 2008
GulerHulyaAn Analysis of the K+pi+pi- Final State in B+ -> J/psi K+/-pi+pi- and B+ -> psi'K+pi+pi- Spring 2008
MaHuanGrating Sagnac Fourier Transform Spectrometer and Its ApplicationsSummer 2007
Uchida KirikaMeasurement of B->7'Xs Partial Branching FractionSpring 2007
HixTroyMulti-Color Laser Induced Flurescence LIDARSummer 2006
MilincicRadovanMeasurements of Asuaryan Effect in Salt from Man-Made and Natural SourcesSummer 2006