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2005 NEWS about KamLAND
Announcement of First GeoNeutrino detection.

Announcement of Anti-Neutrino Disappearance.

Neutrino Physics & Astrophysics: KamLAND

Data taking began with KamLAND, a 1000 ton liquid scintillation detector located about 200 m from SuperK, under Mt. Ikenayama in Japan, in January 2002. Electron anti-neutrino events are recorded from nuclear power reactors around Japan, and also from radioactive decays in the earth. KamLAND has observed neutrino oscillations with electron anti-neutrinos, in the large angle MSW range consistent with solar neutrino experiments, in widely cited papers reported in Fall 2002, and later with observation of spectral distortions in 2004. The varying rate reactor power output confirms observation of reactor generated neutrinos. KamLAND has reported the first measurements of total earth radioactivity in 2005, has searched for an earth centered georeactor (UH PhD dissertation of Jelena Maricic 6/2005), will search for other rare processes, and later make measurements of solar neutrinos.

The KamLAND Collaboration at the October 2004 Meeting in Hilo, Hawaii

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