KamLAND Announcement of Results:
Reactor Neutrinos Disappear

The Culmination of a Half Century Quest:
KamLAND Nails Neutrino Oscillations
Results Agree with Solar Neutrino Puzzle Solution

The KamLAND collaboration has for the first time measured the disappearance of neutrinos travelling to a detector from a power reactor on earth. For nearly fifty years, since neutrinos were discovered, scientists have been looking for anomalies in the propagation of these electron anti-neutrinos, and as shown in the plot to the left, no evidence has been found before for any discrepancy. Now the KamLAND group has found strong evidence for the apparent disappearance of the neutrinos during their flight over distances of about 180 kilometers. Moreover the parameters that describe this disappearance in terms of the oscillations of one neutrino type into another, serve to explain the long standing solar neutrino problem as well. It would thus seem that the solar neutrino problem is at last solved, and from this work combined with earlier results, it is clear that neutrinos do indeed have mass and all three types intermix. The implications of this result range from elementary particle physics to cosmology and even the origin of matter.

KamLAND Phys. Rev. Lett. draft, 9 Dec 02, 4.1M .ps file

KamLAND Phys. Rev. Lett. draft, 9 Dec 02, 1.2M .pdf file

Also here at the LANL preprint server, /hep-ex/0212021

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