Title: Perspectives for geoneutrinos after KamLAND results

F. Mantovani
(work in collaboration with G. Fiorentini, M. Lissia, B Ricci and R. Vannucci)

Abstract: We present predictions of geo-neutrino fluxes, for KamLAND and other locations, obtained within a reference BSE model. When considering more general models, in which the total Uranium and Thorium masses in the Earth are kept as free parameters, we show that a proximity argument provides a well defined connection between geo-neutrino flux and radiogenic heat production.

We compare KamLAND results with theoretical predictions and then we discuss the size and location of geo-neutrino detectors which are needed for providing answers to the following questions:
- How much Uranium and Thorium are in the Earth?
- How are Uranium and Thorium distributed between Crust and Mantle?
- Is there a radiogenic source in/near the core?