Title: A Coherent Approach to Coherent Neutrino Detection

P. Barbeau, J.I. Collar, B. Odom
Enrico Fermi Institute
University of Chicago
5640 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL 60637

Abstract: A viable attempt at demonstrating sensitivity in a large mass detector to the ultra-low energy recoils expected from coherent neutrino-nucleus elastic scattering is described. The applications of such a device to fundamental and applied physics (e.g., non-proliferation) are numerous: the coherent enhancement to the neutral current cross section predicted for this mode of interaction results in recoil rates in the hundreds per kg-day from reactor antineutrinos. This would afford a radical neutrino detector compactification, giving meaning to the expression ``neutrino technology.'' A roadmap is delineated that addresses the crucial points of demonstrating a low-enough energy threshold in a ~1 kg target, a sufficiently-low background for a reactor measurement, and a full understanding of detector response in this yet-unexplored sub-keV energy range. To achieve these, a high-purity monochromatic 24-keV neutron beam and calibration setup has been built and characterized at the Kansas State University TRIGA Mark-II reactor. Two detector technologies presently under test will be described, together with first results on their response to sub-keV recoils. The possibility of an immediate test in the San Onofre reactor tendon gallery will be assessed.