Dr. Adam Bernstein, Deputy Group Leader and Staff Physicist, Advanced Detectors Group, I-Division, Physics and Advanced Technologies Directorate, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Bernstein works on the development of radiation detectors for applications in nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear arms control, and on detector development for fundamental physics experiments. He received his B.A. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and his Ph.D. in Experimental High Energy Physics from Columbia University. Over the last few years, he has pioneered the use of cubic meter scale detectors as a practical means for non-intrusive real-time measurement of changes in the plutonium content of operating reactors. The technology can be used in the International Atomic Energy Agency's reactor safeguards. Bernstein has also developed large-scale liquid scintillator detectors for improved passive and active detection of Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium. In 2005, Discover Magazine cited Bernstein's and co-investigators' work on rapid detection of fissile material in cargo as one of the top hundred most significant scientific stories of the year. He is a member of the Double Chooz experiment, an international collaboration which will directly measure or place the world's most stringent limit on the neutrino oscillation parameter theta13.

Adam Bernstein, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Advanced Detectors Group, I-Division
7000 East Ave., bernstein3@llnl.gov
office phone: (925) 422-5918, cell: (925) 337-4671, FAX: (925) 423-1243