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GAPSimulator - An Augmented Reality Android App for the GAPS experiment

Bring the General Antiparticle Spectrometer (GAPS) Experiment to your home! View a 3D model of the particle detector and its particle interactions from your tablet or smartphone using this augmented reality application. With this app you can view how protons, anti-protons, and anti-deuterons from distant galaxies will interact with this particle detector. The App was developed at the University of Hawaii at Manoa by undegraduate students Layne Fujioka, Ben Weiss, and Zac Bailey, sponsored by UROP grants.
The App is based on the Unity framework and uses the correct GAPS detector geometry as input from the large-scale Geant4 simulations. The App can project the detector geometry on a plane surface that is detected by the Android device and displays different types of events. Different particles and their energy depositions are illustrated with different colors, which are explained in a legend. The App allows zooming into the detector and event geometry and to spin the detector around.

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