Philip von Doetinchem
Physics & Astronomy Department (Wat 430)
University of Hawaii at Manoa
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AMS-02 - Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is operating as an external module on the International Space Station since May 2011. AMS-02 follows the principle of typical particle physics detectors, but shrunk to the size of the Space Shuttle payload bay. Particles are identified by analyzing the event signatures of different subsequent subdetectors, also using a strong magnetic field.

The major focus of my hardware AMS-02 work during my time at RWTH Aachen University was the AntiCoincidence Counter where I carried out extensive detector tests on all different fabrication and design levels including testbeams and space qualification tests as well as the flight integration of the detector. 
I also analyzed large AMS data sets using multiple subdetectors for a precise efficiency determination. In addition, I contributed to the Transition Radiation Detector where I analyzed testbeam data with statistical methods like neural networks and participated in the development of the multi-layer insulation with a 1:1 mock-up and qualification tests of detector parts.

Together with Professor Veronica Bindi, I am leading the Hawaii AMS-02 group. My group is currently focusing on the search for low-energy cosmic-ray antideuterons, antiprotons, and deuterons.

Philip von Doetinchem - 2016