Introductory laboratory courses PHYS 151L, PHYS 152L, PHYS 170L, PHYS 272L
Physics & Astronomy Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Faculty supervisor: Philip von Doetinchem (email:

Please contact your teaching assistant or faculty supervisor if you require this content in an alternate format.
Spring 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all PHYS151L, PHYS170L, PHYS152L, and PHYS272L laboratory courses will move to online instruction after springbreak until the end of the semester. Please see below for a list of changes to the mode of instruction. This overrides the syllabuses of all TAs:
  • On Fridays, videos of the experiments concerning (theory, explanation of the experimental setup, conduction of the experiment, and collection of data, instructions for analysis) will be posted to this website. The first videos will be posted on 3/27/20.
  • A worksheet will accompany these videos with questions regarding the videos.
  • You will also receive the data the TAs took while filming the experiment for analysis.
  • You will then answer the questions on the worksheet and analyze the provided data. As for the regular lab reports, the assignments need to be submitted as a pdf on laulima.
  • This way, quiz and lab report are incorporated into one assignment. This assignment is due on Monday of the following week at 5 pm.
  • The submitted document will be graded within one week.
  • Office hours:
    • The regular office hours in WAT421 are canceled.
    • Please contact your TA for other options. This could include, e.g., google meet, laulima discussion boards, or email
Modifications to this mode of instruction might be necessary in case further restrictions (e.g., campus closure or lockdowns) are announced. You will be updated by email about future developments concerning the labs.

Online Materials:

Frequently asked questions:
  • You have to be enrolled concurrently with the lecture. For example, if you are planning to take the PHYS 151L lab you have to be enrolled in the PHYS 151 lecture. If you are currently waitlisted for the lecture you cannot enroll in the lab.
  • As a strict prerequisite, the corresponding lecture has to be taken concurrently or before. It is also not possible to take the mechanics and E&M labs concurrently (even if you have taken both lectures before). No exceptions will be made.
  • Not all lab sections are full. Please enroll in the available sections first before requesting to be waitlisted for another section.
  • If you did not get into the lab or if you can only make it to a specific section please go to the first lab of the section that you would like to attend. If availability allows the TA might be able to give you an override. This decision is within the discretion of the TA and should be seen as an exception.
  • If you would like to change to a different section you will have to contact both TAs and see if the section that you want to change to still has availability. The TA of the original section should be kept informed of this change. The change of the section will require the processing of an override form. You cannot just attend a different section. You have to officially change into another section.
  • If you cannot register for the lab and are under the assumption that you fulfill all prerequisites (e.g., this can happen when you are transferring from another school) please contact our department secretary Karen Mertz:
  • If you want to withdraw from the course between February 6 and March 27 please have either your TA, our department secretary Karen Mertz (WAT416), or the faculty supervisor Philip von Doetinchem (WAT430) sign the drop form. In any case, please also inform your TA by email that you are dropping the class.
  • If you decide to drop the lecture you also have to drop the corresponding lab course. No exceptions will be made. You can drop the lab and stay in the lecture.
PHYS 151L, PHYS 170L: PSB108 and PSB110
PHYS 152L, PHYS 272L: PSB111 and PSB112

Text for PHYS 151L, 170L
The mechanics labs use a zero-cost manual: Laboratory Manual for PHYS151L/170L
Please report mistakes in the manual to:

Text for PHYS 152L, 272L
The E&M labs use a zero-cost manual: Laboratory Manual for PHYS152L/272L
Please report mistakes in the manual to:

TA office hours in WAT421:
All office hours in WAT421 are canceled. Please see announcement above.

Graphing software
Free Analysis tool: SciDAVis (Windows, Mac, Linux)
For Macs please make sure to download the dmg file from here

Teaching assistants for the different sections
PHYS-151L-001 Bobby Lyon syllabus
PHYS-151L-002 Ammar Bayyari syllabus
PHYS-151L-003 Sung Wan Park syllabus
PHYS-151L-004 Pouya Tanouri syllabus
PHYS-151L-005 Anirvan Shukla syllabus
PHYS-151L-006 Sejin Nam syllabus
PHYS-151L-007 Ammar Bayyari syllabus
PHYS-151L-008 Bobby Lyon syllabus
PHYS-151L-009 Sung Wan Park syllabus
PHYS-151L-010 Pouya Tanouri syllabus
PHYS-151L-011 Chay Hok syllabus
PHYS-151L-012 Chay Hok syllabus

PHYS-170L-001 Saroj Pathak syllabus
PHYS-170L-002 Saroj Pathak syllabus
PHYS-170L-003 Dana Rampini syllabus
PHYS-170L-004 Gregory Snyder syllabus
PHYS-170L-005 Blayton Padasdao syllabus
PHYS-170L-006 Gregory Snyder syllabus
PHYS-170L-007 Blayton Padasdao syllabus
PHYS-170L-008 Saeed Karimi syllabus
PHYS-170L-009 Saeed Karimi syllabus

PHYS-152L-001 Jasper Taylor syllabus
PHYS-152L-002 Meg Foster syllabus
PHYS-152L-003 Stephen Hill syllabus
PHYS-152L-004 Omar Ramadan syllabus
PHYS-152L-005 Stephen Hill syllabus
PHYS-152L-006 Meg Foster syllabus
PHYS-152L-007 Zahra Varnamkhasti syllabus
PHYS-152L-008 Zahra Varnamkhasti syllabus
PHYS-152L-009 Jasper Taylor syllabus

PHYS-272L-001 Jesus Negrete syllabus
PHYS-272L-002 Edward Vause syllabus
PHYS-272L-003 Edward Vause syllabus
PHYS-272L-004 Steven Smith syllabus
PHYS-272L-005 Jacob Christy syllabus
PHYS-272L-006 Jesus Negrete syllabus
PHYS-272L-007 Nathan Prins syllabus
PHYS-272L-008 Steven Smith syllabus
PHYS-272L-009 Jacob Christy syllabus
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