Introductory laboratory courses PHYS 151L, PHYS 152L, PHYS 170L, PHYS 272L
Physics & Astronomy Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Faculty supervisor: Philip von Doetinchem (email:
Spring 2018

There will be no labs in the first week of the semester. The labs will start on January 16, 2018.

Questions on registration and waitlists
  • You have to be enrolled concurrently with the lecture. For example, if you are planning to take the PHYS 151L lab you have to be enrolled in the PHYS 151 lecture. If you are currently waitlisted for the lecture you cannot enroll in the lab.
  • Not all lab sections are full. Please enroll in the available sections first before requesting to be waitlisted for another section.
  • If you did not get into the lab or if you can only make it to a specific section please go to the first lab of the section that you would like to attend. If availabilty allows the TA might be able to give you an override. This decision is within the discretion of the TA and should be seen as an exception.
  • If you cannot register for the lab and are under the assumption that you fulfill all prerequisites (e.g., this can happen when you are transferring from another school) please contact our department secretary Karen Mertz:
PHYS 151L, PHYS 170L: PSB108 and PSB110
PHYS 152L, PHYS 272L: PSB111 and PSB112

Text for PHYS 151L, 170L
Harris, General Physics Laboratory I: Mechanics: Physics 151L and 170L, 2nd Ed.: buy online

Text for PHYS 152L, 272L
Harris, General Physics Laboratory II: Electricity and Magnetism Optics: Physics 152L and 272L, 2nd Ed.: buy online

TA office hours in WAT421:

Graphing software
Graph program written by Keith Hamasaki (Windows 7): executable, help
Graph program written by Keith Hamasaki (Windows XP and earlier):

Teaching assistants for the different sections
PHYS-151L-001 Christopher Freeman syllabus
PHYS-151L-002 Brian Crow syllabus
PHYS-151L-003 Sam Mukai syllabus
PHYS-151L-004 Anirvan Shukla syllabus
PHYS-151L-005 Anthony To syllabus
PHYS-151L-006 Brian Crow syllabus
PHYS-151L-007 Andrew Meyer syllabus
PHYS-151L-008 Alex Dvornikov syllabus
PHYS-151L-009 Sam Mukai syllabus
PHYS-151L-010 Natalie Wohner syllabus
PHYS-151L-011 Anthony To syllabus

PHYS-170L-001 Kevin Keefe syllabus
PHYS-170L-002 Andrew Meyer syllabus
PHYS-170L-003 Mark Duvall syllabus
PHYS-170L-004 Edward Vause syllabus
PHYS-170L-005 Kevin Keefe syllabus
PHYS-170L-006 Mark Duvall syllabus
PHYS-170L-007 Edward Vause syllabus
PHYS-170L-008 Stephen Hill syllabus
PHYS-170L-009 Alex Dvornikov syllabus

PHYS-152L-001 Jack Runburg syllabus
PHYS-152L-002 Jubeyer Rahman syllabus
PHYS-152L-003 Ryan Dorrill syllabus
PHYS-152L-004 Thomas Thorpe syllabus
PHYS-152L-005 Jubeyer Rahman syllabus
PHYS-152L-006 Cory Gerrity syllabus
PHYS-152L-007 Ryan Dorrill syllabus
PHYS-152L-008 Thomas Thorpe syllabus
PHYS-152L-009 Corey Mutnik (sub: Tom Thorpe) (sub: syllabus

PHYS-272L-001 Gaurav Verma syllabus
PHYS-272L-002 Siqi Wang syllabus
PHYS-272L-003 Richie Chio (Jeongwan Park) ( syllabus
PHYS-272L-004 Corey Mutnik (sub: Ryan Dorrill) (sub: syllabus
PHYS-272L-005 Gaurav Verma syllabus
PHYS-272L-006 Boyang Zhang syllabus
PHYS-272L-007 Siqi Wang syllabus
PHYS-272L-008 Richie Chio (Jeongwan Park) ( syllabus
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