The NuLat Project

NuLat is a compact, segmented, fast-timing antineutrino detector. It employs lithiated scintillator, high voltage Hamamatsu photomultiplier tubes, fast-timing electronics developed at UH Manoa's IDL, and a Raghavan Optical Lattice (ROL). The ROL is essential for event reconstruction and energy calibrations as air gaps between the scintillator cubes allow for total internal reflection, channeling light down the principal axes to the PMTs. Below, this is roughly demonstraed by shining lights of various colors through different cubes.

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                                              NuLat and its
                    lattice are illuminated here by several lasers,
                    showing light channeling down principal axes.

The NuLat collaboration includes scientists at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, NIST, North Carolina Central University, Drexel University, and Louisiana State University. For more information on the project at UH, contact Ryan Dorrill, Slava Li, or John Learned.