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ANSWERS to MIDTERM #1 from FALL 2003

Part A

1a. A
1b. A
1c. C
2. D
3a. charge: D
current: E
potential diff: D
capacitance: A
3b. A and D
4a. F
4b. D
5a. B
5b. C
5c. D
5d. A
6a. E
6b. A
6c. D
6d. three vertical lines between the plates, equally spaced, labeled left-to-right: "800V", "1600V", "2400V"

Part B

1a. 4 times as many lines ending on Q_C as originating on Q_D
1b. 720 N/C, to the left
1c. 1.2 x 10^-16 N/C, to the right
1d. P2 should be located 1.0 m to the right of Q_D, near the right edge of the page

2a. schematic diagram of 3 resistors in parallel with an AC voltage source
2b. 17.5 A
2c. Since typical household circuits are rated to carry up to 20 A of current, yes, it is (marginally) safe.
2d. toaster oven (10.7 ohms)
2e. sine curve with max 170V and min -170V, with period = 1/60th of a second (graph crosses horizontal axis every 1/120th of a second)