UH Main Switchboard: 956-8111     Oahu Directory Assistance: 1-411
       Campus Security: 956-8211                          Police: 911      
           after hours: 956-6911                            Time: 983-3211
 Student Health Center: 956-8965                         Weather: 973-4381
 Student Employment Office:  956-7007 
 UH Post Office: 956-9778
 UH Mailroom:  956-8598
 Auxiliary Service work coordin.:  956-7134

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Professor Phone Office Email address
Browder, Thomas 956-2936 WAT 224 teb!phys.hawaii.edu
Harris, Frederick 956-2940 WAT 223 fah!phys.hawaii.edu
Learned, John 956-2964 WAT 327 learned!phys.hawaii.edu
Olsen, Stephen 956-2929 WAT 233 solsen!phys.hawaii.edu
Pakvasa, Sandip 956-2970 WAT 440 pakvasa!phys.hawaii.edu
Peters, Michael 956-2941 WAT 229 mwp!phys.hawaii.edu
Peterson, Vincent Retired vzp!phys.hawaii.edu
Simmons, Walter 956-2969 WAT 439 diver!decisionresearch.com
Tata, Xerxes 956-7690 WAT 438 tata!phys.hawaii.edu
Tuan, San Fu retired
Graduate Student Phone Office Email address
Fang, Fang 956-6304 WAT 406 ffang!phys.hawaii.edu
Guler, Hulya 956-2927 WAT 201 hguler!phys.hawaii.edu
Trabelsi, Karim 956-9157 WAT 339 karim!phys.hawaii.edu
Staff Phone Office Email address
Nanao, Josie 956-7391 WAT232 josie!phys.hawaii.edu
Bruce, Jan 956-2939 WAT234 jan!phys.hawaii.edu
Huang, Peter 956-7392 WAT235 peter!phys.hawaii.edu
Ibaraki, Diane 956-7442
PSB 210 diane!phys.hawaii.edu
Jones, Michael 956-2932 WAT204 mdj!phys.hawaii.edu
Matsuno, Shigenobu 956-2966 WAT331 shige!phys.hawaii.edu
Parker, Sherwood 650-926-3303
Bin 78
Rosen, Marc 956-6905 WAT111 rosen!phys.hawaii.edu
Visitor Phone Office Email address
Student Help
Phone Supervisor Email address
HEPG Email Group Email Alias
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