General Information on Meetings

at the

U. H. Department of Physics & Astronomy




High Energy Group meetings are most often held in the HEPG common room, 217 Watanabe Hall, where you will also find terminals, video conferencing equipment, preprints, and coffee. HEP secretarial help is in rooms 232 and 235 Watanabe, across the hall from the meeting room. Alternative locations are rooms 417 (Department Conference room) or 417A (Library). More formal meetings and seminars are usually in 112 Watanabe Hall, accessible from the front of the building facing Correa Road. The meeting rooms are generally cool, so you may want a sweater. Other meetings are often held in the East-West Center, about 100m from Watanabe Hall, in the Amin Hall, typically on the second floor where there are excellent meeting rooms.

For finding the department, see `transport', and for a map see `campus map' . Watanabe Hall is at E6, building 135 on the map. The East-West Centerís Imin Hall or Jefferson Hall is Building 70 at E5.

Graphics Materials

Please give copies of your electronic talks, and whatever else you want included in the meeting records to be made available to attendees, to the Scientific Secretary of the session.Generally we set up a web site and post all talks, but see specifics for your meeting.PDF format is generally preferred.

Office Services

There is a copier available in 235 Watanabe, which you may use as needed. You will also find office supplies in 235. Our staff will be generally available for help with travel or whatever from 8 AM to 4:45 PM weekdays. Telephone, FAX and computer connections are available. The HEP FAX machine is 808-956-2930, and is located in 217 Watanabe Hall.


We have computing, word processing and electronic mail facilities for your use. We have a cluster of various machines, mostly running unix, available, as well as various I/O devices. You may use the terminals in 217 Watanabe at any time. You can do a remote login to your home machine by entering c(onnect) "internet address" at the VISTA prompt. You can also use the Telnet item on the Terminals menu on an X-terminal. It is best to use "ssh" for remote logins from the UNIX machines. Contact computer system manager Diane Ibaraki (956-7442) for account and password on HEP machines or if you have problems.If connecting your laptop to our system you need to give your MAC number to Diane.

Office Space

There are not many free offices, but if you need a desk, phone, or just a place to get away from the crowd, we will certainly try to accommodate. Please see our Office Manager Jan Bruce for access.

Lunches Nearby

The cafeteria in the Student Center is a short 5 minute walk, at the Ewa (western) end of Correa Road. There is a large cafeteria with the usual institutional food, but with a Hawaiian tilt. The main dining room is rather annoying because of poor acoustics so that one has a hard time conversing with companions at the same table. Downstairs in the same building are fast food franchises, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, quick and reliably mediocre. There is a coffee bar and Subway Sandwiches place in that same complex, upstairs from the UH Bookstore.

There is an expresso cart just outside Burns Hall on East-West Road. They are usually open just around lunch time.

Manoa Gardens, is another hundred meters further, and one can sit outside, and even drink beer on tap if one wishes. There is an American Savings bank and a barber shop adjacent to the outdoor dining area.

A pleasant option for on-campus eating is the cafeteria across from the Hamilton Library entrance. This is the closest venue for meetings at the East-West Center and convenient to physics. It has a variety of independent vendors, including local style, Indian, Chinese, gourmet sandwiches and pizza. It has a very pleasant open style of architecture. It also has an expresso machine.

One can buy sandwiches from the machines in several areas, and have a picnic in the Japanese garden behind Amin/Jefferson Hall in the East-West Center.

There are two outdoor food kiosks and a number of very pleasant picnic tables, just west of the HIG building, in an area recently fixed up for the natural food/vegetarian folks.

There are really no good lunch places adjacent to the campus. The nearest off-campus establishment is a Japanese restaurant at the corner of Dole and University.It is quite good though expensive.Puck's Alley just down University, past the freeway at King Street about 1km distant, has many places and there are others nearby as well (many on King Street, see restaurant guide).The Varsity bar, with semi-outdoor seating is a favorite UH hangout. A little to the West is the venerable Anna Bryanís (formerly famous as Anna Bananaís) bar, which often has good music on weekends. Another alternative is about 2 km up the valley to the Manoa Marketplace, near the Institute for Astronomy, where there are several pleasant cafes, fast-food joints (including pizza, Subway, korean and local style plate lunch).

If you are really in a hurry, food dispensing machines may be found in a kiosk near the mauka (inland, north) end of the Physical Sciences building. The machines take change and one dollar bills.

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