Astronomy 736 and Physics 711

Spring 2005

Lectures in Particle Astrophysics

An Introduction to the Field

Prof. John G. Learned

UHM, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

At Institute for Astronomy, Fern Room, irregular Tuesdays at 2:00PM, as announced.  Organizational meeting Tue, 1/11.  First regular lecture, 1/18. Video connection will be available.

This Spring there will be an aperiodic series of lectures at IfA on the general topic of "Particle Astrophysics". The area is so large that brutal selection is needed. A list of potential lecture topics follows, with dates and further addition or subtraction of topics to be arranged. Suggestions welcome. Students signed up for more than 1 credit should see instructor for planning a paper or report.

Lecture Topics (Evolving list):




There are a number of books available, though to my taste none covers the field adequately.  I guess this is not surprising since the field is evolving so fast and everyone’s definition of Particle Astrophysics is different. Here is an annotated list of some of the most recent relevant volumes:

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