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The Eighth AAP (Applied Antineutrino Physics) workshop will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, from Thursday October 4 (morning) to Friday October 5 (afternoon) 2012, at the East-West Center on the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus.

The Applied Anti-Neutrino Physics workshops ( 2011 Vienna,/Austria, 2010 Sendai/Japan, 2009 Angra/Brazil, 2007 Paris/France, 2006 Livermore/California, Hawaii 2004 and 2005) are focused on applications of neutrinos in two areas, non-proliferation activity and geophysics.

 As a result of these workshops, several small antineutrino detectors, designed explicitly for reactor monitoring, have been built or are now being realized worldwide.

Geo-antineutrino measurements have been published in the last five years by the KamLAND, andBorexino experiments, soon the SNO+ collaboration, and future experiments will improve these results. 

 The 8th workshop, AAP2011, will be held on October 4-5, 2012 in the Asia Room in Jefferson Hall of the East-West Center. The workshop will focus on safeguards applications, remote detection of reactors and geo-antineutrino detection, including relevant technology developments.

To stay as lively as in the previous editions, we would like to limit the number of invited participants to 60 persons maximum. The web page is under development, for now if you wish to receive an invitation contact Prof. John Learned at jlearned@hawaii.edu.




Agenda: Talks posted here.
If your talk is missing, please send to Stefanie: smithsn@phys.hawaii.edu


Contact John Learned (jgl@phys.hawaii.edu)
The conference fee is $150 (USD).

International Organizing Committee

Joao Anjos, Adam Bernstein, Claude Jaupart, Guy Jonkmans, Thierry Laserre, Manfred Lindner, David Reyna, Fumehiko Suekane, Michael Wurm

Local Organizing Committee

Jan Bruce, Steve Dye, John Learned, Jelenea Maricic, Shige Matsuno, Sandip Pakvasa, Gary Varner

Meeting Location

Asia Room, East-West Center, Jefferson Hall second floor, about 100 m from Department of Physics and Astronomy of UH Manoa. EWC Map UH Campus map Directions from Waikiki 

Travel Details

See Physics Department Website

Contact Josephine Dugay Nanao <josie@phys.hawaii.edu> for assistance.

Presentation Format

If possible, please make presentations available in pdf format for internal posting. There will be no formal publication of proceedings. See Agenda for posted talks.

List of Attendees

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