ID Lab Tasks and Scheduling -- Project Scheduling by Items page

Scheduling items by Project (to be updated):
  1. LAPPD: 
    1. PSEC4 testing
    2. IRS2 based Analog board (Gary)
  2. xFEL: 
    1. Rad sensors (BEAST era) operate?
    2. Complete Fermionics 64-channel readout & test
    3. Re-package 3D detector/amps for simple readout
    4. Operate close to exit port
  3. ASIC Queue
    1. CSAv1
    2. TARGET4
    3. Evaluate TARGET3...
    4. Understand IRS2, BLAB3A (input sampling/coupling)
    5. Test RITC/LAB4?
  4. KLM Readout:
    1. Assy 300x + epsilon more amps (undergrad solder training)
    2. 75-channel MPPC board design
    3. eKLM Motherboard v.3 9U design
    4. eKLM firmware (first step is test on existing motherboard)
  5. ATF2 readout:
    1. Make large batch of Rev. C amp cards --> ready to go out?
    2. STURM2 ASIC, readout motherboard -- Xi and Jussi working on

  6. iTOP/fDIRC2/mTC Readouts:
    1. Module/board write-up - good starting place
    2. Make/debug more SCROD and board-stacks
    3. Debug/improve
  7. Documentation reference spreadsheet:   [link]

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