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Bill Barletta's talk at the CPM.

Our charge for this working group is broadly described on slide 16:

We encourage groups interested in specific proposals or scientific topics to assemble white
papers on their subjects.

Given the level of red tape on DOE meetings, I propose we try and define our smaller
meeting asap. The obvious location is a landmass between california and japan. The time
frame should be late enough that we can get the right people to come and soon enough that
we can produce a "white paper" document input ready for Snowmass next July. Maybe late-Feb
through April? Can we organize a conference/skype call to get started on this process? Let
me know your availabilities and we'll get started.

Transcript of activities:

  1. First meeting held  5-NOV-2012   [minutes by John Byrd]
  2. 2nd KEK Flavor Factory Workshop  (KEK-FF 2013)  March 12-14, 2013   [Poster link]
  3. Second meeting held  5-DEC-2012   [minutes, including possible WS dates by John Flanagan]

Instrumentation Frontier Documents:


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