Modular RICH Prototype Readout

mRICH readout PMT  
    Isar Mostafanezhad, Gary Varner
Yasir Ali, Emily Lum, Tommy Lam, emeritus)
22-JUN-2019 Postings:


Updated Diagrams [Sept 2018]

mRICH Beamtest Readiness Review  [7-JUN-2018]: 

mRICH Beamtest Components  [1-JUN-2018]: 

mRICH Daughtercard (Tommy Lam) [4-MAY-2018]:

  • Draft 1:  Schematics and PCB Design   [zip]

mRICH Status Review (Gary Varner) [30-APR-2018]:
  • Review:  Overview Documents (27-APR)   [PDF]
  • Previous T-1048 System Overview Documents (posted 28-APR)  [PDF]

mRICH Hodoscope Readout Concept Review (Gary Varner) [9-APR-2018]:

  • Concept Review   [PDF]
  • Carrier Board dummy board update  [PDF]
mRICH Reference Document (Xiaochun He) [Feb 2018]:
  • Detector mechanics   [PDF]
JLAB Readout Information (Fernando Barbosa) [Aug 2017]:
  • Readout overview   [PDF]
  • 250MSPS ADC reference   [PDF]
  • Further programming information   [PDF]


mRICH Project readout information collection point.

HPK H13700 Data Sheet (19-JAN-2017)  [pdf]

3D drawing of TARGETX PMT Interface board (29-DEC-2016 == Kevin)  [file]

Detector paper draft (22-DEC-2016):  [link]

10-DEC-2016 Update

Connector documentation (Kevin):

  •  H13700 connector [pdf]
  • 2D Model of connector [pdf]

6-OCT-2016 Update

Information from HPK on the H13700[Outline and Wiring pdf]

Specifications Known:

  • Prototype to use 2 x 2 array (4 total) of the H13700

Specifications to be confirmed:

  1. Pixel ganging?  (1024 total channels or 256)
    • If ganging, what pattern?  (pixel mapping is complex -- difficult to wire together?)
  2. Planned operating gain?  (amplifiers needed?)
  3. Expected event rate?
  4. HV cable clearance?
  5. Timescale?
    • First PMT readout ready?
    • First PMT ready?  (initial electromechanical tests in Hawaii -- have picosecond laser on x-y scanning stand)
  6. How will PMTs, electronics be captured/supported?


  • 6-OCT-2016 -- to be added

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