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All information tentative and provided for informational reasons. 

Documentation on desired features:
The LABM rates and currents are as follows:

A) There are 32 channels, initially each connected to a PMT;

B) Later connected to a Si-PMTs (incidentally, I have ordered Si-PMTs, and I will send you four as soon as they arrive).

Operational Conditions:

1) Initial SuperKEKB phase, with beam intensities 1/10 of nominal, and photomultipliers.
2) Nominal SuperKEKB conditions, Si-PMT,  5760 pixels per channel, Si-PMT
I note that we expect to run on PMTs for a couple of years, so that your costing could very well be done on PMT electronics alone.
Further comments:

In other words,we will be busy with detector calibration, studies of total rates, and correlations with other devices.

His device, too, has limited
bunch-following capabilities, and when it comes to correlation studies we are only as fast as the slowest device.
EPICS will allow us to broadcast rates at 10Hz, but no more.

I also suggest that we ignore signal differentiation for the time being.  By the time we will be in need to differentiate, we will have clear ideas
of which kind of electronics we want, anyway.

So, to conclude:

1) no differentiation for the early electronics
2) 10 Hz histogram updating
3) I can not remember how many bunches John can follow at any given time,
but I think he can follow only one at a time. That would be suitable for
us, too.

My only doubt is that people may want to test early this device against
the BPM system, which is designed to work at 1kHz from day one (so I have
doubts only about 2), plus I need to be precise about 3)). I will talk to
John about it next week and report promptly to you.

GSV's initial thoughts:

While it may be true that comparison of a sub-set of  the data with the XRM only requires modest input,
it may be possible to utilize the RITC chip and hardware histogramming to build a fuller picture of the entire orbit.

Nov. B2GM meeting time may be a good opportunity.

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