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Scheduling Committee Members

 Matt Andrew,  Martin Bessner, Julien Cercillieux, Jose Duron, Oskar Hartbrich,
Chris Ketter, Richard Peschke, Gary Varner

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Regular meeting time:  Mondays at 1pm

Week of October 22, 2018  Schedule items/meetings

Scheduling items: Meetings (weekly or this week):
  1. Monday
    1. US Belle II PI / WATCHMAN Readout (9 am)
    2. ANITA phone (10:00am)  
    3. Weekly IDL T&S meeting (1 pm)
    4. DR standing slot  (1:30pm)
    5. KLM Weekly Teleconf (2pm)
    6. bi-weekly TOP software  (3pm)
    7. PHYS475 - Office Hours (4 - 5pm)
  2. Tuesday 
    1.  iTOP Commissioning   (9 - 10am)
    2. PHYS475 - Lecture (10:30 - 11:45)
    3. iTOP Firmware Gemba (1pm)
    4. XRM local  [Julien/Matt] (1:30pm)
    5. WATCHMAN prototype readout [Anthony, Jonathan, Jose, Ky] (2pm)
    6. HEPG Seminar (3pm)
    7. HMB [Emily, Nathan, Dawei] (4 pm)
  3. Wednesday
    1. modRICH 
    2. joint ASIC Working group (10 am)   
    3. Coffee and Technic (CaT) meeting (1pm)
    4. iTOP Global meeting (2-4pm)
  4. Thursday  
    1. ANITA-V [Remy/Manuel] (9am)  [alternates with GRAPH/SSL]
    2. PHYS475 - Lecture (10:30 - 11:45)
    3. PHYS475 - Lab (12:30 - 15:20)
    4. Dept Colloquium (15:30 - 16:45)  
  5. Friday    
    1. joint ASIC Working group (10 am)
    2. FW Journal (11 am)
    3. iTOP Firmware Gemba (1 pm)
    4. KLM local meeting (1:30pm)

Ongoing Projects (without specific meeting times)

Recent Archive:

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Nichibei JFY2011 (via PNNL) delivery documentation
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