Pixel-level Sampling CMOS Vertex Detector for ILC

The Continuous Acquisition Pixel (CAP) Initiated

Collaboration on ILC Pixel Vertex Detector
  CAP Development Effort

Our Pixel Vertex Detector R&D Effort for ILC is an outgrowth of a pixel upgrade effort for the Belle detector at the KEK B Factory. For this further development we are joined by Fermilab, and consist of groups from Europe, Japan and the US. Any readout architecture capable of surviving the much harsher Super KEKB environment, should be a viable alternative for an ILC Pixel Vertex Detector. Given the near-term nature of this development, it provides the possibility to evolve and test a full detector system under actual running conditions at the world's highest luminosity collider.

We have made good progress in addressing some of the key issues needed before a CMOS (MAPS) type of detector may be used:

To be studied:

Recent Presentations:

Recent Publications:

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