DUMAND Picture Gallery 2 (some drawings)

Contour map of the DUMAND site


This is a contour map of the ocean floor around the DUMAND site. The contour is drawn every 10 m. Two dotted circle shows 1 and 2 km radius circle around the junction box. You can see this part of the ocean is very flat.

The closed squares with one alphabet in the figure indicate the position of acoustic transponders. We had deployed them to aid navigating ship accurately at the site.

Click here to see 3D image of the island of Hawaii, the DUMAND site,and the cable route.

Japanese Optical Module


This is the drawing of the Japanese Optical Module (JOM) we mainly use to detect Cerenkov light from muons in the ocean. This module uses 17" diameter Benthos glass housing as the pressure housing and 15" Hamamatsu PMT as the optical sensor.

The data are sent through an optical fiber cable, while power and control commands are received via a pair of electrical cables.