DUMAND institutions

The DUMAND project is an international collaboration of institutions in Germany, Japan, Swiss and the US. The list of the institutions are the following, along with their emblem.

Click an emblem to go to each institution's DUMAND page, if there is any. Click the name of an institution to get a list of people (clickable to go to a personal page of the person, if any) involved in DUMAND.

- Germany

KIEL University of Kiel

- Japan

KEK KEK National Laboratory for High Energy Physics

TOHOKU Bubble Chamber Physics Laboratory, Tohoku University

TOKYO Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo

- Swiss

BERN University of Bern


BU Boston University

HAWAII University of Hawaii at Manoa

ISU Iowa State University

LSU Louisiana State University

WASH University of Washington

WISC University of Wisconsin at Madison