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The University of Hawaii High Energy Physics Group is part of the Beijing Electron Spectrometer (BES) experiment, which is an international collaboration involving many US and Chinese universities and laboratories. The BES detector, located at the Bejing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC) at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) in Beijing, records information from electron positron interactions in the tau-charm energy region from 3 - 5 GeV. This region provides rich and unique opportunities for studies of Tau leptons, D mesons, J/psi, and psi prime events .

The Construction of MDCIII at the University of Hawaii

  • MDCIII frontal view. Endcap in outer cylinder.
  • MDCIII side view. Outer cylinder side view.
  • Drilling pictures Details.
  • Crating the MDCIII
  • MDCIII, on the way to the Honolulu Airport
  • Graph of number of holes drilled each day
  • Graph of cumulative number of holes drilled
  • Progress log. This is a brief log indicating layer by layer progress.

    Important Documents

  • Derrick Kong's PhD graduation party Hu Tao's psi prime to tau tau paper draft(Postscript file)

    BES MDCIII Proposal(Compressed .ps)

    Thesis of Lingjun Pan: D Meson Production in e^+ e^- Collisions at Center of Mass Energy of 4.03 GeV (Compressed .ps)

    List of BES data tapes at UH

    A list of data tapes at UH is available.

    List of runs taken in 2000 and 2001.

    Package of vertex chamber code

    Tar, gzip format

    Other pages

    Project members at UH

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