Hawaii AAPT meetings/events in 2003-2004

27 Sept. 2003 at BYU

Brigham Young Univ. Hawaii (click here for map)
Aloha Center 155 & 165

0900-0930  refreshments
0930-1030  reports, sharing ideas/demos, etc.
           welcome for new teachers
1030-1200  Vernier equipment demos

Give away prizes: T-shirts, demo stuff, AAPT posters, and NASA posters.
1200->     lunch? (Snack Bar and Cafeteria will be open)

Please let us know by  *** Sept. 12 ***  if you will attend.
If you have questions, contact Mike Weber (293-3810), John Proud
(943-3649), or Michael Jones (956-2932).

 Other AAPT and related events in 2003-2004

        ** check  www.phys.hawaii.edu/~aapt  for updates **
        ** see also national AAPT web site at www.aapt.org **

  4 Oct.  UH Manoa Engineering Day (www.xtreme.hawaii.edu/events)
10-11 Oct. UH Manoa SOEST Open House (www.soest.hawaii.edu/openhouse)
18 Oct.  HaSTA conference at Punahou
  1 Nov.  UH Manoa Physics Dept. Open House (www.phys.hawaii.edu)
15 Nov.  Lacy Veach Day at Punahou (focus on Astronomy & space)
6 Dec.  Hawaii Underwater Robot Challenge (IEEE, MTS, UH sponsors)
24 Jan.  Astronaut Ellison Onizuka Science Day at UH Hilo
30 Jan.  UH Manoa Engineering Expo
21 Feb.  TEAMS competition at UH Manoa
?? 28 Feb.  Physics Olympics at UH Manoa ?
  6 March  UH Manoa College of Engineering Open House
13 March  Hawaii KIPR 'Botball Regional (NASA Ed Rep Art Kimura sponsors)
5-7 April  Hawaii State Science Fair (www.hawaii.edu/acadsci)
   Hawaii AAPT/Paul Hewitt Physics Teacher Award for the teacher
   of the student with the best Senior Research Physics project
   The award is $100 plus a 1-year membership in the Hawaii
   AAPT chapter.
?? April  HaSTA conference at ??
mid-April Hawaii AAPT at ??  OR  in conjunction with HaSTA??
  0830-1200  program?
    1200     lunch & election of AAPT officers for 2004-2005