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The Physics Faculty
Room: WAT 440
Office Tel:  808.956.2970
FAX: 808.956.2930
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Research Interest:
My primary interest and activities are in flavor physics, that is theory and phenomenology of masses and mixings in both quark and lepton sector. The predictions of Standard Model and the signatures of new physics in rare decays of heavy quarks and in CP violation and mixing of heavy mesons is a an area of intense activity. The other long standing interest is the properties of neutrinos, and their impact via oscillations or masses in astrophysics, cosmology and proposals to disentagle them from the data. To find the "correct model" describing the fermion mass matrices is an outstanding and fascinating problem in particle physics.
Theoretical Particle Physics
Career History:
  • B. Sc., 1954, M. S. University of Baroda, Baroda, India
  • M. Sc., 1957, M. S. University of Baroda
  • Ph. D., 1966, Purdue University
  • Research Associate, Syracuse University, 1965-67
  • Associate Physicist, University of Hawaii, 1967-68
  • Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii, 1968-70
  • Associate Professor, University of Hawaii, 1970-74
  • Professor, University of Hawaii, 1974-Present
  • Visiting Member, Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, 1975
  • Fellow of American Physical Society, 1976
  • Visiting Professor, University of Wisconsin, 1978,1986
  • Scientific Associate, CERN, 1982
  • Fellow of the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science, 1981, 1985
  • Visiting Professor, Tata Institute of Fundamental Reserach, Mumbai, India, 1983
  • Visiting Professor, KEK, National Lab. for High Energy Physics, Japan, 1985, 1989
  • McMinn Lecturer, Vanderbilt University, 1996

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