Application Procedures for Graduate Admission
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For those interested in applying to the PhD program offered by the Institute for Astronomy (IfA), please see this webpage.
(Note that the IfA deadline is typically in mid-December.)

The admission requirements for the Physics PhD and MS degree programs are the same. Please be advised that all students applying for PhD program, are also eligible to obtain an MS degree along the way, as soon as they satisfy MS degree requirements. We also welcome students with an MS degree and students transferring from other graduate programs in which case we will take into account their previous course work to help them proceed to dissertation research on a shorter timescale.

Deadline for Graduate Application:

Spring Admission: August 1st

Fall Admission: December 1st

  1. 2023 Update: GRE scores are no longer required for applications. However, submitting general GRE or Physics subject GRE scores may significantly strengthen your application, so we encourage you to submit these if you have them. All applications will be considered holistically based on the submitted material. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) code for UHM is 4867.
  2. Submit online application and transcripts to Graduate Division Graduate Admissions Office On-Line Application for both US and International Students:
       Prospective Students
    Additional Information for International Students:
       General Information
       TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) & IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
       Student Visas
  3. Submit Required Physics Department Forms (send directly to Dept Office by email to: culftncc@culf.unjnvv.rqh).
    1. Evaluation Form
      A minimum of two recommendation letters that should be accompanied by the evaluation form.
    2. Assistantship Application
      Form used to apply for either a Teaching or Research Assistantship within the department. Appointees must have satisfactory academic record, and adequate background in major. Recipients will receive a tuition waiver and monthly salary. This is not required for admission.
    3. Summary Sheet
       Summary of personal information and a synopsis of exam scores, and degrees received/expected.
    4. Waiver of Access
      This form is a voluntary declaration that you waive your right to access confidential documents concerning your application for admission, financial aid, trainee ships, etc. at the University of Hawaii.
    5. Statement of Objectives Form
      Describe the objectives of your graduate study, your area of specialization within the graduate program, and your long-range professional goals. Include any additional information that will assist the graduate admissions committee in evaluating your application.

Graduate Assitantship

Graduate Assistants (GAs) is a renewable academic appointment.  GAs need to be familiar the University’s academic regulations as well the professional standards of their field.  Please visit Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantship for more information on graduate assistantship.


Looking for Housing? Below are two common housing portals.

  1. On-Campus and Off-Campus Student Housing Service
  2. Go to Craigslist Honolulu (suggested by graduate students)