Solar Energetic Particles (SEP), Solar Modulation and Space Radiation: New Opportunities in the AMS-02 Era #2

April 24th - 26th 2017
Hyatt Arlington - Washington DC

Thank you again for participating to the workshop! It has been a very successful meeting and a great opportunity to share our latest results in the field.

Link to Pictures of the Workshop: Workshop Pictures

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The workshop aims to bring together experts in the field of cosmic rays and solar energetic particles with an additional focus on their propagation inside the heliosphere and their interaction with the magnetosphere. The talks will present the most recent results related to solar energetic particles (SEPs), solar modulation, space radiation and related phenomena.

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This workshop will focus on:

Chair of Organizing and Scientific Committee:
Dr. Veronica Bindi (University of Hawaii)

Committee Members:
Mirko Boezio (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy)
Cristina Consolandi (University of Hawaii)
Martin A. Lee (University of New Hampshire)
John Norbury (NASA LRC)
Marius Potgieter (North-West University, South Africa)
Eddie Semones (NASA JSC)
Allan Tylka (NASA GSFC)
Ilya Usoskin (University of Oulu, Finland)

Invited Speakers:
Dan Baker (LASP, University of Colorado at Boulder, US)
Georgia De Nolfo (NASA GSFC, US)
Bill Gerstenmaier (NASA HQ, US)
Don Hassler (Southwest Research Institute, US)
Randy Jokipii (University of Arizona, US)
Nariaki V. Nitta (LMSAL, US)
Vahe Petrosian (Stanford, US)
Melissa Pesce Rollins (INFN Pisa, Italy)
Gerry Share (University of Maryland, US)
Peggy Shea (Air Force Research Lab, US)
Don F. Smart (Air Force Research Lab, US)
Igor V. Sokolov (University of Michigan, US)
Samuel C. C. Ting (M.I.T.)

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