Physics 310 - Theoretical Mechanics I

Class meets 9-10:15 TThr in Watanabe Hall 114
Instructor: Tom Browder
Office: Watanabe 224
Office Hrs: 10:20-11:30 TThr.
Please feel free to stop by my office at other times.
phone: (808)-956-2936
e-mail :
WWW address :
Text: Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems by Marion and Thornton, Saunders College Publishing, 4th Edition. We will cover chapters 1-7.
(Please note that this is a new edition)

Grading: Problems - 20%, Midterms -40%, Final - 40%
Prerequisites: Math 232 Calculus IV (or concurrent).
Calculus, Matrices, Vectors, and simple Differential Equations are used in this course.
You should have a computer account with e-mail and access to World-Wide-Web (WWW)
Homework assignments, computer exercises and useful information for the course
will be posted regularly on the WEB

There are three midterm exams. The lowest score will be dropped in the computation of the final grade. You must take all three midterms There is also a final exam which counts for 40% of the total grade. The final exam will be Tuesday December 14th, 9:45-11:45 a.m.

To learn physics you must do the homework. Please allow a reasonable amount of time to do the problems.
Late homework is not accepted
Solutions to the homework will be posted outside Room 224

Syllabus for Physics 310 (Updated September 9)