PHYS 490: Modern Physics

Spring 2017

Tom Browder

Modern Physics: High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics
The course, which meets 13:30-14:20 MWF, follows the textbook of Alessandro Bettini,
"Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics", 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press.

Recommended Reading:
(Original papers) The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics, ed. R. N. Cahn and G. Goldhaber (1995);
Introduction to Elementary Particles by D. Griffiths;
(Nuclear Physics) Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, A. Das and T. Ferbel (2003) ;
(Graduate level textbooks) Quarks and Leptons by F. Halzen and A. D. Martin (1984);
Particle Physics, by D. Carlsmith (2013)
There will be a midterm, final exam and 1 oral presentation.
For the midterm and final, a calculator and a notecard are allowed.
There are also regular mini-quizzes (closed book, but calculators are ok).

Grading weights:
Homework Problems (25%)
Midterm (20%)
Quizzes (15%)
Final (40%)

Midterm exam: Friday February 24
(Chapters 1-4, bring one standard size notecard and calculator)

Practice Final Use this to prepare for the final exam
The final will also include a few simple problems on drawing and calculating Feynman diagrams.

Final exam: Friday May 5 (1:30-3:30 pm), bring crib sheet and calculator

Scheduling items:
Jan 9-13, JPARC PAC, Dr Robert Morse will substitute
Jan 16, Martin Luther King Day (no class)
Jan 25-29, Memorial Service, New Jersey
Feb 3-15, Belle II General Meeting and BPAC review (Shawn Dubey, substitute)
Feb 20th, President's Day (no class)
~April 7-15, KEK, PNNL, SLAC (Shawn Dubey, substitute)
April 11, Belle II Roll-in
April 11-14, US Belle II review, PNNL, SLAC seminar
April 14, Good Friday (no class)
April 28, Presentations I: Tommy Lam (CPV in the B system); Makana Silva (discovery of the Higgs)
May 1, Presentations II: Anirvan Shukla(LHCb pentaquark); Tyler Trent (discovery of the top quark), James Ou (MWPC technology)
May 3, last class (Review)

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