Spring 2017

Sections: Mon 2:30-5:30; Tues 1:30-4:30
Tom Browder
Teaching assistant: Kevin Croker

Working in teams of 3 or 4 persons,
you will perform the following experiments in the course of the semester: This is a writing-intensive (WI) course (90% of the course grade).
For each experiment you will turn in a Physical Review Letters style paper reporting the results.
The due dates for the 4 reports (first drafts) in Spring 2015 will be:

  • 1st draft of muon report (TBA)
  • Final draft of muon report (TBA)
  • 1st draft of x-ray diffraction (TBA)
  • Final draft of x-ray diffraction (TBA)
  • Results of computer exercise (pi^0 mass resolution in MC) (TBA)
  • 1st draft of NMR report
  • 2nd draft of NMR report
  • 1st draft of Chaos Experiment
  • 2nd draft of Chaos Experiment

    You will work on each experiment for about 4 scheduled lab periods. This is a 2 credit hour lab but you will in general not be able to complete the experiments and data analysis in the scheduled lab periods. Your team may have to arrange to come in at other times for additional data taking. I am generally available to let you in to the lab (my office is WAT 233, down the hall) and there will also be a key with Peter Huang in Rm 235 that you can borrow. Note that you will have to make arrangements with me for use of radioactive sources at non-scheduled times.

    Scheduling items:
    Jan 9-13, Kevin Croker will substitute, JPARC PAC
    Jan 16, Martin Luther King Day (no class)
    Feb 3-15, Belle II General Meeting and BPAC review
    March 14, Belle II Roll-in, PI Day
    April 2-days, US Belle II review, PNNL

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    Prof. Tom Browder /
    Kevin Croker, Teaching Assistant,