Using Mastering Physics

January 1, 2010


1.) Connect to

  • Link to Mastering Physics Website (click on the 12th edition)

    2.) Click on the Young/Freedman's University Physics 12e book cover.

    3.) Click on the first time user register button.

    4.) Enter the registration code that came with your new text.
    You must buy this registration code separately if you bought a used text.

    5.) Fill in the required information.
    Your COURSE ID is BROWDER2010
    . You must enter it in upper case.
    Supply your email address for your login name and a password.
    You will need these to login later to answer problem questions.
    Your name should be the same as your name on the class list.
    Also enter your UH STUDENT ID; not your social security number.

    6.) You will not be able to change your COURSE ID or your STUDENT ID. Be careful when you enter them.

    7.) You only have to register once.

    Solving problems:

    1.) Connect to the same website specified above. Click on Young/Freedman 12e.

  • Link to Mastering Physics Website (click on the 12th edition)

    2.) Enter your login name and password.

    3.) Click on "Assignment List". Click on the correct assignment.

    4.) Work the assignment. You must click submit at the end of a problem to get credit for it.

    5.) You may logoff and come back later to finish the assignment.

    6.) Click "next" to go to the next problem.

    7.) You will be shown your score, and you can compare your answers with the correct ones.