Tom Browder (University of Hawaii)

My research program is the Belle II experiment and Belle experiment at KEK in Tsukuba, JAPAN.
These experiments study CP Symmetry Violation (Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry) in the B Meson System and search for New Physics (NP) beyond the Standard Model. Belle provided experimental confirmation of Kobayashi and Maskawa's explanation of CP violation in the weak interaction and was recognized in the citation for the 2008 Nobel prize in Physics , which was awarded to Kobayashi, Maskawa and Nambu. In addition, I am Belle II spokesperson and am deeply involved in the construction and commissioning of Belle-II, at the KEK Super B factory , with first circulating beams February-June 2016. Belle II roll-in took place in April 2017. Cosmic ray data taking and shakedown is in progress. First collisions are scheduled for late February 2018. I am also teaching undergraduate physics courses and supervising graduate students. I am searching for new graduate students.

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