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ANSWERS to MIDTERM #2 from FALL 2003

Part A

1. A, D, F
2. A, B, E
3. C
4. A
5. D
6a. B
6b. C
7a. D
7b. C
8. B
9. A; B
10. C
11. F, F, F, T, F, T

Part B

1a. E
1b. semi-circular path, starting at ion's present position and curving upward to hit wall
1c. using r = (mv)/(qB), find that m = 81.04 u. This is closest to the mass of 81Br+.
1d. F

2a. A
2b. C
2c. 4.7 x 10^3 A
2d. D only

3a. 7.85 A (emf = 23.6 V)
3b. counter-clockwise
3c. weaker (specifically, only half as strong); unchanged direction
unchanged strength; opposite direction
zero strength; no direction
stronger (specifically, 3 times as strong); unchanged direction