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Instructor: Michael Nassir
Office: Watanabe Hall, Rm. 426, (808) 956-2922
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ANSWERS to MIDTERM #1 from FALL 2004

Part A

1a. E
1b. B
1c. B
2. A and D
3a. C
3b. F
3c. F
4a. True
4b. False
4c. False
4d. True
4e. False
4f. True
5a. D
6a. D
6b. B
6c. B
6d. A
6bonus: C

Part B

1a. vertical E-field lines, uniformly spaced, with downward arrowheads
1b. 1.5 x 10^5 V/m (or N/C)
1c. negative 6.5 x 10^-8 C
1d. 4.1 x 10^11 electrons
1e. A

2a. 97 V
2b. 100. V
2c. 15 mA
2d. from t=0 to time "S": curve starting at Q=0, asymptotically approaching Q_max;
from time "S" onward: curve starting near Q_max asymptotically (exponentially) approaching Q=0
2e. C