Physics 272: Physics II, Section 1

Physics 272 at the University of Hawaii is an introductory calculus-based physics course, which is the second part of a three semester sequence. It is a three credit course, which covers Electricity and Magnetism and Light. The prerequisites for this class are Physics 151 or 170 and Math 242 or 252A. Math 216 may be substituted with consent.

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Notes for computer exercises : To print out the results on a PC, hit the PrintScreen Key to save the plot from a JAVA applet. Then go to Word, Word Pad or Paint, and click Paste on the Edit Menu. You should then see the plot and be able to print by clicking Print from the File Menu. On UNIX, use a screen capture program. (If you have a problem printing out the result, it is acceptable to hand in a sketch drawn by hand.)

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