High Energy Physics Group (BES Group) at UH

Welcome to the Home Page of the High Energy Physics Group.

We are a part of the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Hawaii.

University of Hawaii joined the BES Collaboration in 1993 and since then has had a strong impact on the BES program. We are currently working for BESIII, Harris has been co-spokesman of BESII since 1998 and is now also a co-spokesman for BESIII.

Introduction to UH BES Group. HEP Group members and contact information.
How to apply to be a Graduate Student. An overview of our research in experimental.
Any posts on offer within the group? Check out our Jobs Page. Our BESIII farm at UH-hepcluster
Useful links: BES , CLEO, Babar, Belle , CDF , D0, The old UH BES Group webpage Meeting links: US-BES

You could click here to find BES3 information, including some documents, some programs, some Group Meeting information, the contribution to BES3 from UH, and so on! Have a fun by yourself if you are a member of BES Collaboration.


Please address any comments or suggestions on these pages to: shencp@phys.hawaii.edu.