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Mark Hines Project: Modeling Theory for Physics Instruction

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Science Problem Solving Methods:

21st Century Problem Solving (McAllister)

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Armadillo's K-12 resources
The Learning Resource Server
NCSU Physics Education Research
Physics Servers and Services Around the World
Directory of Physics Education Resources
Physics Around the World: Search for Physics and Other Information
Physics Around the World: Education and Online Material
The World Lecture Hall
UHPA - Research/Education Links
Yahoo - Science:Physics
Yahoo - Science:Physics:Education

Online materials:

MIT online text book links
The Interactive Physics Problem Set Contents Page
Physics Video
AVI files for various physics demos.
Physics for High School Students (T. Browder)
Dr. Kagan's Home Page
Electrodynamics Exercises
Kinematics Graph Interpretation Project
Physics Unbound
Introduction to the Physics FAQ
Physics Lecture Demonstrations (gifs only)

On-line Learning Assistance:

HOLA (Physics, Pui's Project)

Physics Softwares:


Online Museum (General Public):

Dance of Chance:Exhibit Hall

Physics Newsgroup

Newsgroup: sci.physics

To be evaluated:

TeleEducation NB - Learning on the Web

New Netscape

Directory of /pub/netscape

Internet Workshop:

Welcome to The Internet! (beginners; brief)
Getting Started on Internet: An Overview
HERN Mini-Workshop Resources
HERN Mini-Workshop Resources(site 2)
Internet training (In-depth)

Set up SLIP/PPP connection

Mac: (Also contain download sites for various Internet Tools)
PC:(" ")

Useful Internet Directories:

Web 66


Hawaii Education & Research Network (HERN)
About HERN
HERN Resources
HERN Institutes
Summer Institute Session Handouts and Materials

Pui's HERN Projects:

Applied Science

Grants Info:

Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.
The Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS)

Build Your Own Web Server-Resources:

HTML Editors
HTML Converters
The HTML Language
A List of HTML Tags (beginners)
HTML Quick Reference (2/14/95)(good)
mostly complete HTML dictionary
HTML Documentation Table of Contents
Instantaneous Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms
The Common Gateway Interface (Form)

Local Brews:

Hawai`i Home Page
Welcome to jjw's Home Page! (Mililani HS)
UHPA - Faculty Web Home Page
University of Hawai`i Material Physics
AAPT (Hawaii Section)
PA`E on the Web

Science Organizations:

The American Physical Society
Maui High Performance Computing Center WWW Homepage
Zone 18 News (SPS)


Directory of /pub/netscape/
Directory of /Big_Kahuna/Pub/MAC/Comm
Introductory Macintosh frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Desktop Systems Support
Jumbo! - Shareware! Shareware! Shareware!

On-line publications:

Institute of Physics on-line publicatios
Physics Express Letters: Main Menu

Tour Info:

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: US Government Information Sources
Virtual Tourist World Map
City.Net World Map


Star-Birth in M16
JPEG image 650x735 pixels


Directory of /pub/netscape
The Vanguard Group of Investment Companies Homepage
GA: Peirce gives graphics users a share of drawing tools
InterNIC Support Services
Internet Research Pointer (IRP)
Design Paradise
Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software for Macintosh
Steps to Downloading the Free Acrobat Reader
Forms And Publications - IRS