Instruction to speakers

This is a workshop. The talks are relatively short in length and a significant amount of time is reserved for discussion in each session. To encourage discussion and interaction we suggest that you show a small number of slides in your talk but prepare backup slides for questions and discussion.

22nd, Friday 11:30-13:00

Chair: Bill Wisniewski (SLAC) Sci Secy: Eric Dodson
Calorimeter Backgrounds (15 min) S. Playfer (Edinburgh)
Endcap calorimeter upgrade (no visa, talk by Tsukamoto) (15 min) B.Schwartz (BINP)
Calorimeter electronics/pileup (15 min) T. Tsukamoto (KEK)
Liquid Xenon and LYSO (20 min) D. Hitlin (Caltech)
Discussion of CsI vs Liquid Xenon options