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List of Journal Publications with UH members as a primary author:

  1. First Observation of Radiative B0 → φ K0 γ Decays and Measurements of Their Time-Dependent CP Violation
    H. Sahoo, T. E. Browder et al. (Belle Collaboration), (To be Published in PRD), arXiv:1104.5590
  2. Study of the K+ &pi+ &pi- Final State in B+ &rarr J/&psi K+ &pi+ &pi- and B+ &rarr &psi' K+ &pi+ &pi-
    H. Guler et al. (Belle Collaboration), (To appear in PRD) arXiv:1009.5256
  3. First Measurement of Inclusive B → Xs &eta Decays
    K. Nishimura, T. Browder et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRL 105, 191803 (2010) , arXiv:0910.4751
  4. Measurements of Time-dependent CP Asymmetries in B0 → KS0ρ0γ decays
    J. Li et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRL 101, 251601 (2008) , arXiv:0806.1980
  5. Measurements of time-dependent CP violation in B0 → ψ(2S) KS0 decays
    H. Sahoo, T. E. Browder, K.Trabelsi et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRD 77, 091103 (R) (2008) , arXiv:0708.2604
  6. Observation of a resonance-like structure in the π±ψ′ mass distribution in exclusive B → Kπ±ψ′ decays
    S. -K. Choi, S. L. Olsen et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRL 100, 142001 (2008) , arXiv:0708.1790
  7. Search for the hc meson in B± → hcK±
    F. Fang, T.E.Browder et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRD 74, 012007 (2006) , hep-ex/0605007
  8. Observation of a near-threshold ωJ/ψ mass enhancement in exclusive B → KωJ/ψ decays
    S.-K.Choi, S.L.Olsen et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRL 94, 182002 (2005) , hep-ex/0408126
  9. Observation of a narrow charmonium-like state in exclusive B± → K±π+πJ/ψ decays
    S.-K.Choi, S.L.Olsen et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRL 91, 262001 (2003) , hep-ex/0309032
  10. Measurement of branching fraction ratios and CP asymmetries in B± → DCPK±
    S.K.Swain, T.E.Browder et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRD 68, 051101 (2003) , hep-ex/0304032
  11. Measurement of branching fractions for B → ηcK(∗) decays
    F. Fang, T.Hojo, et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRL 90, 071801 (2003) , hep-ex/0208047
  12. Observation of the ηc(2S) in exclusive B → KKSKπ+ decays
    S.-K.Choi, S.L.Olsen et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRL 89, 102001 (2002) , hep-ex/0206002
  13. Observation of B± → ppK±
    F. Fang et al. (Belle Collaboration), PRL 88, 181803 (2002) , hep-ex/0202017